How Much Does A Man With A Van Service Cost

How Much Does A Man With A Van Service Cost

The man with the van Service has increased in size every year and most demanded service hire, this may be due to the fact that a large number of people who move from home increase with each passing year. Thus, the customer may have a hard time finding the most suitable and affordable man with van service for their moving needs. 

Moving costs are always a factor in getting a man with van services. We all love a bargain price, to have our newly purchased goods delivered or that our house items are moved cheaply to our new home.

Most men with van companies in Melbourne charge a fixed hourly rate between 40-70 $. Prices for a man with a van can vary depending on what you ask for them. For simple jobs like moving items from one place to another, most providers will charge a fixed hourly rate. If this is how you are billed, it is worth double-checking if the clock starts from the moment they leave the house or from when they arrive at your property or place.

It is best to negotiate a fee where you pay from the moment they reach you to the moment they leave to avoid confusion, but if this is not possible, a fixed fee may work instead.

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So what is the average cost of Men With a Van Service?


In general, the average man and van prices in Melbourne at a reputable company are around $ 50 to $ 75 per hour (with a minimum time of two hours), which normally includes a working driver to help load and unload. The more helpers, the higher the price.

So just to break it down a bit, provided you are using an established reliable company, a small flatshare type of move in Melbourne that only requires a working driver would usually cost around $ 50 per hour. If you prefer or need an extra helper, it would normally set the total hourly rate up to around 75$ Per Hour including GST (2 Men and 2 Ton Van) that is for the whole job, not per assistant and so on for additional helpers.

You may also want to include a tip that you feel you want to pay the movers for a job well done, even if this would be entirely at your discretion.

The actual type of van used does not normally affect the price, but check out our size guide to get an idea of ​​what size of moving van you are likely to need.

There are several companies that offer high-quality Two Men and a Van moving services. However, there are several factors that you need to consider before hiring a man with a van Melbourne offer. One of the most important factors is the cost of hiring a man with a van. Although the price may differ from company to company, some things affect the cost.


  • The distance.

Where do you move your things? How far is the goal? These are some of the questions that the man with the van asks. When calculating the relocation cost, the company will take the distance into account. Therefore, expect a cheaper price when you move things within the city.


  • Hourly rate.

For most small deliveries, an hourly rate is usually applied with a minimum fee of two hours. If you are planning to buy an individual item, it would be best to request a number of quotes before purchasing an individual item. An object does not mean that it will be cheaper to move. Many men with van companies do not accept small deliveries because it is not financially worth it while many Removalists Melbourne companies endure larger deliveries so it is best to shop for a quote before you buy.
A major move such as full relocation or office relocation needs a more detailed quote and the price can vary greatly depending on the difficulty of that relocation and how many people are needed to help lift, relocate and deliver.


  • Fixed prices.

The second way to quote is with a fixed price. A fixed interest rate is usually used more for long-distance relocations either to or from Melbourne, where Mover will already know the time and cost of previous similar jobs and be able to provide an all-inclusive price.
In the case of long-distance removal, a fixed price is usually much more preferable for the customer because the hourly rate clock will not tick if there is an unexpected delay or the removal of Van happens to get stuck in traffic jams along the road.


  • The size of the items.

The second factor is the size of your articles. First, the size of your house and office items will determine the size of the van. Hiring a large van is more expensive than a small van. Second, large objects may need a lot of labor. The cost of renting the van, therefore, includes fees for loading and unloading.
If you have a single item or move a few boxes, hire professional movers for small moves.


  • Price by location.

The man with van Melbourne prices can be a fixed price. The moving company will have more competition in Melbourne so that they may be able to offer a more competitive quote. Prices at county sites can be more expensive because there are fewer companies providing delivery services and their prices do not have to be as competitive.


  • Extra cost.

When you get your quote from a man with a van, it is important to find out if there are any extra costs or extras. All reputable companies have the terms and conditions of their services.

For example, the hourly rate may increase if an additional helper is needed to load the van. It is also important to find out how long a quote from a man with a van is valid. They may have given a certain price, for example, because they had other deliveries at that place that week so that they could offer a cheaper price.

Many men with a van website will have their prices quoted, but it is best to ask them for a quote. Every job has different requirements, it is always to choose the most professional man with a van company in Melbourne over the cheapest.

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