Where Can You Donate Furniture In Melbourne

Where Can You Donate Furniture In Melbourne


Did you know that there are many proven benefits to decluttering? Living in a clean and tidy home is a great way to minimize stress and make sure you stay calm, focused, and relaxed while you are at home. Still, a barrier to decluttering is knowing what you are going to do with everything that you decide to get rid of. And the larger these objects are, the more important the obstacle. So if you need to reduce your furniture, but you are unsure about what to do with it, read on to discover where and how you can donate furniture in Melbourne.


Benefits and reasons to donate furniture.


If you donate your furniture, you will not only help the environment and someone in need but also yourself. You can earn some money for your contribution. You keep the receipt and claim to collect the furniture donation on your tax return. In addition, if you move out of the rental property, donating furniture can also avoid the risk of having bond money deducted to leave behind unwanted furniture.

And let's not forget the environmental factor! Every year, Australians add millions of tonnes of furniture to landfills. If you want to change the scene, there is hope.

Since donating furniture is a kind of recycling process, you should seriously consider this option. And at the end of the day, you can feel happy with helping someone in need.


Ask Friends and Family First:

You never know who in your circle of family and friends is looking for a new sofa, bed, bedside table, chest of drawers, or wardrobe. If a piece of furniture is not damaged outside of repair, the chances are that someone you know can use it. So make a call or put a post on Facebook and ask if anyone needs the item. You can even ask among your colleagues or fellow workers. Another bonus of doing this is that the person who receives the goods often arranges pick-up, so all you need to do is relax and watch your unwanted furniture disappear into someone else's life.


Post on Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree:

Another way to donate furniture is to send them for free on the Facebook market or Gumtree. You need to take a photo or two of the objects so people know what they look like, but you should be able to move your unwanted pieces pretty quickly this way. One caveat though - random people from the internet are not as reliable as your friends and family, so expect that it does not work or two or that person will never come back to you. It is best to start a first in the best-dressed approach rather than holding things for people who never arrive.


Donate your furniture locally.

If you want to donate your furniture in Melbourne, you have several options for donating unwanted items or furniture locally.


  • Homeless Shelters

These places provide temporary shelter and food for hundreds of homeless people. They often need furniture such as beds, table chairs, etc.


  • Local thrift stores

Look for thrift stores in Melbourne and donate your furniture to them. Many stores act as non-profits or donate a good portion of their profits to this type of charity.


Donate to charity

Many charities are happy to accept donations of furniture and pass them on to less happy souls. The Salvation Army is one such organization, and they even collect your things for free. This is useful because you can be sure that you are doing a good deed while the charity is coming and making it difficult for you. However, make sure that the items you donate are in good condition - some minor scratches and general wear and tear are okay, but charities still need to pass on goods that are undamaged and in excellent condition.

Donating unwanted furniture to a charity in Melbourne is easier than you might think. We no longer have to wait until the Council's hard collection of rubbish, just to wonder where our goods in love will end up - Now there are many organizations in Melbourne that are ready to take things in stride and redistribute them to households in need.

With that in mind, we have put together a reputable charity organization in Melbourne that can help you pass on your furniture and larger items to people who need them.



GIVIT is an organization that provides an online platform for reputable charities to list the specific things needed for their clients. By doing so, it allows people to browse the lists where they can offer to donate the item. The website's lists enable a small description of the recipient's situation and why the need has arisen. The donor and charity are connected by email, so the charity arranges for the recipient to receive the donated item at their discretion.


Brotherhood of St Laurence.

The Brotherhood of St Laurence is a Melbourne-based organization that seeks to prevent and reduce poverty by helping the disadvantaged. Originally founded in 1930 during the Great Depression, it is one of Melbourne's most renowned charities and welcomes donations such as furniture, household items, electrical items, appliances, books, and clothing.


West Welcome Wagon ( Supporting Asylum Seekers).

West Welcome Wagon is a volunteer-run organization, a West Melbourne-based non-profit organization that Asylum Seeker Support with objects in need. 

West Welcome Wagon offers support to over 500 households per year and accepts large household items such as appliances, beds, dining tables, drawers, smaller household items, and clothing.

A pick-up service is available for residents of the western municipalities of Melbourne, including Brimbank, Hobsons Bay, Maribyrnong, and Wyndham. 


St Kilda Mums (Baby and children's items)

St Kilda Mums is a small grassroots collection that aims to provide families with baby and children's items in love by collaborating with Maternal Health Nurses and local social services agencies. They accept many different baby furniture, such as cots and changing tables. 


Family life

With several locations in Victoria, Family Life is an independent, community-oriented organization that has been working with vulnerable families and individuals since 1970. They facilitate a number of home-oriented services, including counselling and support services at home. Family Life welcomes furniture donations and has a comprehensive guide that describes what items are needed. 


Sacred Heart Mission

Founded in 1982, Sacred Heart Mission is a Melbourne-based non-profit organization that assists disadvantaged members of society in rebuilding their lives. Relying on the support of the community and volunteers, Sacred Heart Mission offers a variety of services, including support and advocacy with meals, housing, care for the elderly, domestic violence, and housing and accommodation.

Sacred Heart Mission welcomes donated items that are in good condition, including furniture and household items, to smaller items and clothing.


Get Your Items Ready for Collection

There are a few things you can do to get it ready before the donation comes to grab your furniture. The first is to dust them quickly and wipe them out. This will ensure your old furniture looks presentable and save charity time and money.

Next, make sure to clear all the draws and check that you have left nothing out anywhere - the last thing you want is to forget a valuable item that you have tucked away.


How do you evaluate your furniture for collecting donations?


If you want your donated furniture to be tax-deductible, you must ensure that the organization (you donate furniture) is approved as a deductible gift recipient (DGR) by the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

For that, you must first evaluate the furniture price. There are many websites where you can get an accurate estimate. Keep the age factor and condition in mind when pricing your furniture. If you need any professional advice on this matter, always contact an experienced tax adviser in Melbourne.



There are some ways to give away furniture in Melbourne. First, ask your colleagues,  family, and friends if they need anything. Then advertise your articles for free on Facebook and Gumtree. 

If you want to get rid of your furniture locally in Melbourne, you have several options for donating unwanted furniture.

So call your local store, visit a homeless shelter, or schedule your collection of furniture donations online. Choose the best option available to you. several charities are happy to collect your unwanted items. Just remember to neat and clean your furniture before donating it away, and remember to empty everything.

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