Why Choose Hard Rubbish Removals Melbourne

Why Choose Hard Rubbish Removals Melbourne


What is Hard Rubbish?


Before we talk about the best ways to dispose of hard rubbish, it is important to understand what you can throw away in your regular bins and what needs a specific collection of specific hard rubbish. Hard debris is classified as large, bulky objects, usually, furniture, electrical objects, and significant equipment that do not fit in ordinary bins, or that cannot be broken down to fit in the bins.

Many customers ask us questions such as; If the City Council can pick up rubbish for free, why should we pay a company like yours at Singh Movers, Hard Rubbish Removals Melbourne to do so? Our answer is always, it's an excellent question that is worth exploring in a little more detail.

In general, the council allows you to use their service is available twice per calendar year, at any time during the year, at your request, and the cleaning day usually takes place on the same day as your bin collection day and can be picked up over two days, here are some things you should come remember:

  • You must book the pick-up with your municipal council.

  • All residential ratepayers in Melbourne are entitled to a one-free collection of hard waste every year.

  • Provided you are authorized or have authorization from the price payer (owner) to do so.

  • You will need to move your hard rubbish yourself and place it on your natural strip usually the day before pickup to avoid the neighbours adding your pile and you risk it being rejected.

  • If you do not place your items on time, you will lose one of your two bookings for that year.

  • Most councils (all vary) accept only 1-2 m3 or 1-2 linear meters of "accepted" waste types.

  • Some accept mattresses, tires, and paint, many do not and it varies per advice.

  • Construction waste is not accepted.

In general, the advice is very strict when it comes to marking the pile and the size, weight, and volume of the pile as well as the actual objects. The typical collection time can take 4-15 working days.

If you have additional materials that are not accepted through Melbourne local hard rubbish council there are various other disposal options, including:

  • donate, sell or give away items that are in good condition

  • green waste collection service - for organic garden material

  • recycling bin for e-waste - for various electronic items

  • Chemical waste disposal services - for paint, motor oil, and pesticides

Also, note that the Melbourne Local councils cannot take all the rubbish and hard waste in a day because they can collect some and leave heavy items for a different day's collection.

Phew, a little to digest there.

It is important that you make sure that your hard rubbish is in the approved area in front of your property and that it is within the size and types of waste specified by the City Council.


What goes in your hard waste.


Items that can be disposed of through hard rubbish and hard waste collection

  • Furniture - sofas, bed frames, chairs, tables, bookshelves, mattresses
  • Sports equipment - rackets, snowboards, skis, surfboards, bicycles

  • Furnishings - lamps, floors such as old floorboards, tiles, and carpet, doors

  • Appliances - kettle, toaster, sandwich press, blender,  refrigerator, washing machines, dryers, dishwasher

  • Outdoors - grills, lawnmowers, trampolines, sheds, fences


Why use us:


In addition to hard rubbish and hard waste collection, we can also arrange to hire hard rubbish removals. They are available in a variety of sizes, from 2 meters long to 23 meters long.

Singh Movers, hard Rubbish Removals

If you have more than a few cubic meters, several mattresses, old furniture, tires, heavy hard waste types, electronic items, can not lift it or can not wait, it is time to investigate a reliable and trusted hard rubbish removal service like Singh Movers.

If you are in the Melbourne eastern suburbs and need Hard rubbish Removals Skip in Melbourne or nearby areas, give us a call.

Now, with Hard Rubbish Removals Melbourne, it's peace of mind because you may not need to do anything other than the book and point out what you want to remove. The service levels will vary and many want it centralized or divided. Some do not.

At Singh Movers, a highly accredited and independently ranked professional hard waste removals company based in Melbourne that specializes in helping locals easily dispose of their general household waste, green waste, and hard rubbish! You literally do not have to worry about any of the Council's issues. Our team can come to your home with a suitable vehicle, they load the rubbish for you and leave your property, home, or office nice and clean. You do not have to worry about the size of your hard trash etc, 


How to Book a Hard Rubbish Collection


Booking hard rubbish and hard waste collection; all you need is a summary of the things you need to remove so that we can accurately assess the size of vehicle we need for your trash and the date you want the removal to take place. If you're not sure if your pile of rubbish is hard rubbish or just plain rubbish, or if you simply want to get rid of your hard rubbish as soon as possible, call Singh Movers for Hard Rubbish Removals Service in Melbourne now, to clear out rubbish for good!