Are You Ready To Move To The Suburbs

Are You Ready To Move To The Suburbs


Living in the city and moving to a metropolitan city is not an easy thing. Obviously, a full-fledged Suburbs allows you to enjoy high-quality life.

From culinary delights to cultural events, stylish cafes to modern age shopping complexes and proximity to work, the benefits of living in the heart of a city are endless. But with the growing population, air and noise pollution, many people are moving to clean and green suburbs and small towns to live a quiet life.

If you are moving to Melbourne, do a little more research as the city has an abundance of affordable suburbs that offer a great lifestyle experience with lots of world-class amenities. From spacious residential properties to park areas, new-age shopping complexes to top-rated schools, the suburbs of Melbourne have never looked better.

Most people, especially families with children, move to the suburbs and small towns to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle without compromising their social and cultural activities. You can also plan your move with the help of the best company for safe and healthy removal in the Melbourne suburb.

But if you are still not ready to move to the suburbs, take a look at the article and decide for yourself. Here are some signs to help you know that you are ready to move to the suburbs:


7 signs you’re ready to move to the suburbs.


1. You've been thinking about this for some time.

Rarely do you wake up one day and decide to move to the suburbs. No, this is a decision that can take months (sometimes years) to consider. If you have been thinking about moving to the suburbs for several months or years, it may be time to finally bite the bullet. On the other hand, if this is a new idea, we recommend that you think about it before making any sudden moves.


2. You need a peaceful place to stay

Are you tired of the busy lifestyle in a big city? From high traffic to small apartments, noisy sirens to air pollution, cities do not offer a quiet and green living experience. Of course, you can find vibrant nightlife, high-class amenities, plush apartments, and much more, but you will stay away from a quiet environment.

If you want a quiet place for your family, it may be the best decision to move to the suburbs. It is good to do thorough research in the suburbs so that you can move around without a bit of stress.


3. You want good public school and academies for your children

One of the most common reasons for families moving to the suburbs is the need to live close to top-ranked public schools. Unfortunately, for many urban families, their children's school is not close to their home, making trips to school incredibly uncomfortable. City schools are often also overcrowded and underfunded. If you're tired of paying big bucks for private schools or jumping through hoops to get out of school waiting lists, it may be time to pack it up and move "Suburbs".


4. You have scoped out the suburb options

Do you spend hours flipping through real estate listings, researching cities, and checking school grades? In that case, it may be time to move to the suburbs. This is especially true if you find yourself cruising through the suburb you choose virtually every weekend. If you have reviewed your options and decided on a suburb, it's time to call your real estate agent and start the house-hunting process.


5. You can afford to live where you want

Unfortunately, the suburbs are not always affordable. Oftentimes, Suburbs are often even more expensive than the city. If you plan to turn off city lights for vast suburbs, make sure you have budgeted accordingly. Before looking at real estate, assess your finances and check with a bank to see how many houses you can really afford. This makes it easier to reduce your suburban choices and home options. If you can actually afford to live in a suburb of your choice,  then it’s time to make a move.


6. You need greenery for outdoor space

Living in a big city often means compromising on a green and spacious outdoor area. As a city resident, you will only witness shared roof terraces, small balconies, and public parks. Whether you want a large patio or a beautiful lawn, chances are you will find your choice of residential properties in the suburbs.


7. You are ready for peace and quiet

Tired of city life and movement? From the heavy traffic and noisy sirens to close neighbours and large crowds, cities are typically the opposite of peace. For many city dwellers, this vibrant energy is one of the things they love most about living in a city.


The best family suburbs to live in Melbourne.


Whether you are moving alone, in a couple, or have school-going kids, Melbourne offers the best suburbs to live in and suit all lifestyles. Here is the list of the best suburbs that can offer you the highest standard of lifestyle, a quiet environment, and first-class amenities.


  • Brunswick

Brunswick is one of the oldest suburbs in Melbourne and is located 6 kilometres north of Melbourne. Brunswick is ranked as one of the best suburbs in Melbourne. The suburb offers sophisticated amenities, including high-end private and public schools, spacious business premises, known for its bohemian culture and exciting scenes with live music, breathtaking scenery, most popular shopping and dining venues, and much more.

 If you want a relaxed and peaceful lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Brunswick is a great place for you.

The suburb is exceptionally good for its high viability and is among the best areas when it comes to public transport. People who value the environment and like to spend time surrounded by nature also have access to a number of open recreation areas on its western border, including Brunswick Park.

The suburb has it all, which is why the median price for a 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom is $ 1,150,000 while the rental price for a two-bedroom unit is $ 390 per week. You can search for the housing market and make the right decision depending on your specific needs and estimated budget.


  • Carlton

Carlton is a beautiful suburb known for grouped suburban parks and gardens, sophisticated amenities, and whatnot. With a population of more than 18,535 people, it is a peaceful suburb and an ideal place for families with children. It has various private and public schools, hospitals, and wonders of historically significant buildings, the Royal Exhibition Building and Melbourne Museum, Italian restaurants, cafes, some notable retail shops including Reading's bookstore, etc. Adjacent to the Melbourne CBD is Carlton, a suburb that ranks high in culture. Lygon Street, also known as "Italian Precinct", is the birthplace of Melbourne's café culture and has dozens of restaurants lining both sides.

If you move to this location, hire the best removalists Melbourne company for a stress-free move. They take care of your belongings and transport them without causing any damage.


  • Chelsea

Chelsea's suburb of Melbourne is located on Port Phillip and is the main bayside suburb between Frankston and Mordialloc. Chelsea is the 4th best suburb in Melbourne and excellent for retail or landlord, gym & fitness, parks & recreation, public transport, Safe & Sound, and well-established housing developments. It is home to many churches, communities, and sports organizations.

Finding a home property is quite affordable in this suburb. Median property prices over the past year range from $ 780,000 for homes to $ 640,000 for units. You can move to Chelsea with your family and enjoy a relaxed yet high standard of living.


  • Glen Huntly

Overall, a good area to stay in, safe, and comfortable. It is a small suburb, about 1 km from north to south and 800 meters east to west at its widest point, with a population of over 5040. Glen Huntly is excellent for internet access, parking, parks and recreation, child care, retail or landlord, and much more. It's one of the best places to raise a family with children, professionals, single people, and seniors as you can easily reach the City, Shopping at Chadstone, restaurants, and cafes at Glen Huntly Road, schools and childcare facilities, close to Monash University, Excellent retail value, Pretty and peaceful suburb with many things to offer.

The average price for a house in Glen Huntly is $ 1,320,000 while the rent is $ 500 per week. If you are planning to move to a more relaxed suburb away from the hustle and bustle of life, this may be a perfect option for you


  • Footscray

Footscray Located 5 km from Melbourne's Central Business District, it is an inner-western suburb of Melbourne, Australia. The area is a hub for immigration and is known for its diversity and multiculturalism. Over 100 food and beverage stores are spread across the suburbs, many of which offer international cuisine. It also has one of the lowest median prices for houses to buy from the highly ranked suburbs. There are various local facilities, such as retail shops, various educational institutions, public libraries, and health services, hospitals, parks, sports, and a growing art scene as well as a growing number of bars and nightlife options. The suburb is served by public transport, including trams and trains that make it easy to travel. Footscray Market is next to Footscray Train Station, where fresh produce and seafood are available.

Median property prices over the past year range from $ 825,000 for houses to $ 435,000 for units, while the rent for a 2-bedroom house is $ 480 per week. You can live here and take your standard of living to the next level.


Moving to the suburbs?


If you think you need to get one of these suburbs for your new home and office, you may need to hire professional moving companies in Melbourne to handle the move. To find a reliable moving company, contact Singh Movers and packers best removalists and reliable movers in Melbourne to make your move stress free and secure.

If you want to move to Melbourne and want to know about Melbourne, click here to know about Melbourne before moving there…