Equipment Do Professional Movers Use

Equipment Do Professional Movers Use

What Equipment Do Professional Movers Use?


In addition to our strong and highly trained teams, there is a reason why you want to hire a professional for your move. The advantage of going with a professional moving company is to benefit not only from the technical knowledge of the movers but also from the use of their equipment. Professional moving equipment can be expensive. When you move alone, the truck you borrowed from a friend just doesn't come with all the necessary equipment to make your move properly. Along with the moving truck, you must rent moving equipment.

Whether you move to an urban apartment or a big house in the suburbs, each move brings unique challenges. Singh movers are equipped to drive them. These are some of the common equipment in our trucks and warehouse, and what they are used for.


Equipment is used by professional movers:


equipment do professional movers use

Packing material:

specific cartonSpecific cartons 

The most obvious moving boxes. But we are not talking about the basic boxes that are sold everywhere and that people use it, it would be too simple. No, there are special boxes, each with a very specific use that allows packing such objects, such as plate boxes, glass boxes, cupboard boxes, etc.


moving blanketMoving blankets and Covers

In order to protect furniture, carriers most often use covers that allow corners to be wrapped tightly and prevent scratches during transportation. The covers are provided to protect sofas, mattresses, or other bedding. They make sure that the leather of a sofa and the upholstery of a mattress are not damaged.



Plastic shrink wrap protects furniture from scratches and possible damages. The more layers of plastic shrink wrap we use, the better protection your furniture has.


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Transport equipment:


Hand-trucks or trolleys make it possible to avoid carrying everything by hand when the access points do not allow the truck to park near the building, in other words when the carrying distance is important. Depending on the type of move you have, it is important to have this type of equipment and significantly reduces the handling time, and therefore the fatigue of the movers.


four wheel dollyFour-Wheel Dolly, Bins, and crates

Usually used for long walks or move with lifts, the professional movers can fill crates or bins with boxes and small pieces and then transport the load on a 4-wheeled dolly. This allows the crew to move more items than they can carry and minimize the amount of travel required.


Appliance dollyAppliance Dolly 

This more specific dolly allows the Removalists to easily remove large and heavy appliances such as refrigerators and stoves more quickly and safely.



 Do you have stairs or a staircase leading to your door? The Removalists can establish a small ramp over the stairs, allowing them to use dollies. Of course, the team also always establishes a ramp leading to the truck to ensure a smooth footing while the movers’ team transports their belongings.


pallet jackPallet Jack 

Some trucks come equipped with a pallet jack, which is used to move only the very heaviest items onto the truck, such as small or secure machinery.


shoulder dolly moving strapShoulders dolly moving strap 

The Shoulder Dolly Moving Straps are long nylon or woven materials that are formed into a harness or loop that is worn around the forearms. ShoulderDolly "makes it easier to lift" for anyone who needs to move something big, bulky, or heavy. It is great for moving heavy and bulky objects and furniture, appliances, refrigerators, porcelain cabinets and so much more


piano moving boardPiano moving Board 

The Piano Movers Melbourne professional movers use piano moving board equipment to safely carry a piano. The end and board support the piano. The board also has strap grooves to keep the piano secure and handles to help transport the piece.



Who can forget our most important equipment, our trucks! Olympia has logs, straight trucks, and tractor-trailers in our fleet to accommodate any size move. All our trucks are equipped with the above equipment along with some extra boxes and moving material to ensure that our crew is ready for everything!

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