Facts About Hard Rubbish You Should Know

Facts About Hard Rubbish You Should Know


Household appliances, furniture and other things at home become hard rubbish as they are meant to be. When old, unused, and damaged furniture and electronic appliances in your home, the inconvenience will soon disappoint you. That's why you replace things in the house and dump old things and give yourself peace and order at home.

Keeping old and damaged things is a headache in any space planning process. Not only will it make you spend big money on repairs, but you will also be disappointed with its performance.

Therefore, a good way is to throw away your damaged appliances and old furniture by unloading them at your doorstep to collect hard debris. But before doing so, you need to be knowledgeable about hard waste collection.

Here are the facts you should know about hard debris and its collection.


What is Hard Rubbish?


Hard waste collection and Hard rubbish removals refer to large objects that are usually quite large and heavy, such as washing machines, refrigerators, sofas, wardrobes, televisions, furniture, cabinets, computers, mattresses and similar objects that cannot fit in a regular bin.

These typically consist of durable products that either break, are replaced or are no longer desirable and must be discarded. Hard rubbish does not include recyclable items, green waste or ordinary rubbish in the house.


How do I book a hard rubbish collection?


To book a hard rubbish collection you can call our office on 0470315183, 1300074644 and mail on [email protected], or you get more information by visiting our Hard Rubbish removals Melbourne Service Page.


Disposing of Hard Rubbish Necessity.

The importance of dumping hard rubbish is to keep the cleanliness and order in every city in Australia. This is beneficial for everyone to keep their house, suburbs and city free from illegal waste management and clutter.

In addition, the City Council can ensure that hard rubbish can have a minimal impact on the local environment and for the residents. It can be a great way for the community and councils to help each other keep their city alive.


How to sort your hard waste.


To help us transfer the right items to the right Continuation Facilities, separate your hard rubbish or waste into four piles:

  1. General hard waste: for example, old tea and coffee kettles, toasters, plates and cups, Jugs, furniture, wood (no fencing).

  2. Mattresses: mattresses and bed bases, bed frame (all sizes) up to 2 items per collection.

  3. Electronic waste: for example, Consumer electronic devices and solar panels, computers and monitors, TVs, LED bulbs, DVD players, and screens.

  4. Larger steel metal item (for safety reasons, tape all doors shut): for example, washing machines, dishwashers, fridges and small car parts.


How we avoid hard waste going to landfill.


  • Mattresses, metals and e-waste are recycled.

  • Furniture, toys in good condition are donated to charities.

  • Buy things with less packaging

  • Just do not buy so many things ... really

  • Buy items made from recycled products


How much does it take to collect hard waste?


The price depends on your location. We provide hard junk and rubbish removals services to some municipalities in Melbourne. These councils give their residents one or two free collections of hard debris each financial year. 


Proper Area for the Collection

In the harsh rubbish collection, there are specific areas where you can waste your hard work. It is very important to know where to keep it on your property to avoid heavy penalties from the council.

First of all, your items should never be stacked in public areas such as sideways or nature strips.

To take advantage of the annual collection of hard rubbish from the council, collectors should be able to reach your hard debris safely, and items must be stacked neatly either in your front yard or driveway. Just as long as it is in the front boundary of your property and is 2 feet wide and in length, it would be fine.


Overview Size and Item Limits.

Everyone gets a chance to make sure they destroy their hard rubbish,  there are strict limits to the amount of waste you can throw out. Here are the following limitations:

  • 2 cubic meters of rigid and metal waste (2 m long x 1 m wide x 1 m high).

  • 4 cubic meters of green waste material (4 meters long x 1-meter wide x 1 meter high).

  •  2-bed bases and 2 mattresses or 1 mattress and 1 base.


Contact us.

At Singh Movers, Hard Rubbish Removal Melbourne, we offer you a simple and easy hard rubbish service for all local Melbourne and Sydney residents. For more information on how to prepare for your hard waste collection and Why Choose Hard Rubbish Removals Melbourne,  call 0470315183, 1300074644 or email  [email protected]