How To Avoid Moving Scams

How To Avoid Moving Scams


Moving is an important task that can be very stressful and overwhelming. Fortunately, nowadays you can find many removalists' company and useful moving tips to help you with your relocation. Hiring a moving company is always a way to go, but you need to be careful to avoid moving scams.

Moving scams can turn your easy and cheap move into your worst move. Still, there are ways to avoid them. You just need to know which wrong decision will make your move worse.

If you want to avoid moving scams, then make a moving plan before you move. Moving is a complex ordeal and getting into it without an exact plan can easily get you in trouble. Once you have written everything down on paper or sheets, you will understand what to do and when.


What is a moving scam?


A moving scam is a fraudulent activity by a moving company that uses illegal tactics to get more money from its customers in an unfair way. 

In Melbourne, there are few moving companies that make a scam with people. they give an estimate, load the goods, and then set a much higher price for delivering the goods, which effectively holds the goods as a lien.

Of course, this is about money, and the better you know the several types of relocation scams, the more you will be protected from potential moving company scams that will really hurt your moving budget.


Kinds of moving scams and how to avoid them.


  • Fake moving reviews and fake references.

When looking for a top-ranked mover for your move, remember that just because someone says they are the best, does not necessarily mean they are the best.

Fraudulent moving companies know just how necessary initial research is when people are looking for a reliable and good mover, so they ask their own employees to leave very positive reviews about the company itself.

The goal is of course to fool more customers that they are a top-ranked moving company when in fact they are anything but that.


What can you do in such cases?

  • Ask colleagues, family members, and neighbors if they can recommend a mover they have used in the past.

  • Go to several different online review sites that you can trust and read what previous customers had to say about the mover you consider to be your partner. 

  • Is the moving company you have chosen a proud member of the Australian furniture remover Association (AFRA) 


  • Incomplete or blank documents.

Be careful when you do your signature on a piece of paper, the movers will give you. 

As you get ready to move, things sometimes tend to get (a little) chaotic, especially with the arrival of Moving day. Fraudulent movers know this fact and use it for their profit. For example, who has time to read all the moving policy and documentation when there are lots of important things to do and think about?

A typical moving company scam is to hand blank and incomplete documents to their customers and request their signature. Never agree to do that! The biggest problem here is that you will have absolutely no control over what additional terms, mostly prices, are added to that document. And, with your signature already at the bottom, it simply means that you have read and approved all the clauses when in fact you have no idea what is happening.

Documentation fraud is a common mobile scam that a fraudulent company will not hesitate to use. So if you have a chance to move safely What can you do to stay on the safe side?

As stated above, under no condition should you sign blank documents no matter how reliable your removalists look?

You should have everything in writing - your moving contract, your estimate with all the extra fees, your stock sheet, and any additional documents that come with the move. Each document must be complete and correctly signed and stamped.

Request your moving documents in advance and give yourself time to read them carefully. Also, read the fine print. You should understand all the clauses before you decide to sign them. Ask for clarification if you do not understand certain conditions or have problems finding out how certain prices were formed.


Pay special attention to extra services and their prices. Go through your detailed inventory sheet carefully and make sure all your belongings are listed there. Be aware that you will not be able to claim a lost item if it was not in the inventory list in the first place.


  • Use a list of moving inventories to get a moving estimate.

Still, there are times when it is not convenient to have an appreciation for visiting your home. If you ask for estimates from several different moving companies, you can not sit all day or several days while they evaluate your things. You may not feel well. Or it is not convenient because of your working hours. In these cases, the list of moving inventory list can serve as a reference for a moving estimate.

If you decide on this approach, make sure your list contains as many details as possible. In addition to the name of the items, you should also write down the color, weight (if possible), serial numbers, and their general condition. If you want, you can download a moving app for this. This allows you to take pictures of your objects as well. The more accurate your inventory list, the more accurate estimate you will get.


  • Avoid removalists that ask for a large deposit.

Any moving company that requires cash or any major deposit should be considered a suspect. When you are working with reliable movers, you usually pay on delivery. The deposit should be between $ 150 and $ 550. If your mover needs a little more than $ 550 for a deposit, you should start looking for another company.

When you pay in advance, you have no guarantee that you will see your belongings again. The company may claim that you have to pay extra costs and hold your furniture hostage until you do so. To avoid moving fraud, you must always pay with your credit card. That way, you can fight all fraudulent activities if they occur.

if you want to avoid moving scams, Always pay online and with your credit card


  • Work with movers without a contract or with an incomplete contract.

Fraudulent movers sometimes try to arrange your move without writing any papers with you. This is why you should always ask for a contract. Also, take the time to read it completely. You may like your movers, but you should never trust them so much to sign an incomplete contract and without reading it.

Everything you have agreed on should be written. Your estimate, all extra fees, pick-up and delivery dates, list of your entire goods. Read everything from top to bottom several times and pay attention to small print or pieces that are somehow "hidden". Do not sign a contract without a complete list of your belongings. An item that is not on the list will probably disappear and you have no evidence to claim. The more detailed your contract is, the more protected you will be against moving scam


  • Changing the company name.

Fraudulent companies can avoid being caught and prosecuted for having moved fraud by always doing business under new names.

It can be difficult to find out, and it will require a lot of research. A reliable company should have a local address and information on licensing and insurance.

When calling the moving company, pay attention to how they answer the phone. The trusted movers will always present the company's full name. If they respond with a few generic phrases like "moving services", you know you should keep looking.


The best way to avoid scams is to be careful when hiring movers.


Of course, to avoid moving scams, you need to be sure that you will be working with a reputable moving company. But how do you hire a reliable mover? You could ask someone you know to give you a reference and recommendation.

However, if you do not know someone who has recently moved, you can use the internet to check a moving company. The best sites to do so are the gumtree and find a mover. Other than that, there are some things you need to watch out for, even if the company seems legitimate.


How to avoid moving scams.


Once you know the type of moving scams that are most common, it will be easier to detect them. To make sure you are not fooled, here are the steps you should take: Use the power of the internet and find out all about the moving company you are considering hiring

  • Choose a Reliable Moving Company - The more successful a moving company is, the more likely it is to give you a fair deal. A reputable company will not engage in a scam because it is a sure way to lose a good reputation. Find a company that has been on the market for a long time and that has great credibility. 

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  • References - Once you have found the company you think you can trust, research it. check their references. Read personal testimonials from people who have used their services. Finally, ask a moving company that you choose to provide you with the list of previous customers. reliable and trustworthy removalists will not refuse to provide you with that full information.

  • Check the legal status of the moving company - Make sure the removalist company you hire has the necessary licenses, insurance, and precise reputation.

  • Start planning early - Once your relocation decision is final, start planning your move. It's never too early for that. The most reliable moving companies are fully booked in advance. The longer you wait to contact them, the less likely they are to be available when you move.

​read these Tips and hire Reliable Movers and Packers, they will help you to make your move stress-free and safe.