Reasons Why People Are Moving To Melbourne

Reasons Why People Are Moving To Melbourne


If you’re considering moving to Melbourne, here are a few reasons to help you make up your mind. There is a lot of information that residents should know before moving to Melbourne. According to the population, Melbourne is the second-most populous city in Australia, and It has a population of 5 million (19% of the population of Australia), and its inhabitants are referred to as "Melburnians".

It's not hard to see why Melbourne is an attractive city for many people. A rapidly growing employment market combined with the cost of living cheaper than Sydney and famously sunny climate and laid-back culture makes it no wonder that moving to Melbourne, Australia is a popular choice for building a life and raising a family. 

In this guide, we’ll cover all the fantastic experiences and amenities that Melbourne has to offer. While its neighbours such as Sydney, Brisbane, and Canberra have received the most attention in recent years, Melbourne has developed a place for itself as a city for both families and singles. Melbourne is also one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse cities in the country, making it a great choice if you want to experience new cultures. 

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Living in Melbourne is cheaper than in many other major cities.


In general, Melbourne's cost of living is much lower than in many other cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and Sydney. Compare the cost of living in Melbourne with other countries with higher salaries and taxes, with expanded costs for clothing, education, transport, food, entertainment, and more.


  • Quality of life

Melbourne has been named the busiest city in the world by the Economist Intelligence Unit six years in a row. It has consistently shown itself in the top three rankings over the past decade, with high to perfect scores in the categories of education, healthcare, and infrastructure.


Figuring out where to live in Melbourne is easy.


The houses in Melbourne and Victoria will be a major attraction for anyone moving from the UK. Instead of rows of semi-detached houses and similar-looking terraced, you will find the charming suburbs of Melbourne filled with spacious and unique separate houses.

Melbourne's city centre is compact and creative and is an elegant mix of brand new apartment complexes and striking, older buildings hiding smart residences within. Apartment accommodation is second to none in Melbourne’s CBD (Central Business District), it’s just a matter of choosing your style.

The average rent for a 3 bedroom apartment in central London is £ 3083.92 while in Melbourne it is only £ 1801.42 and much less if you are happy living in the leafy suburbs! Overall, rental prices in Melbourne are 67.40% lower compared to London.

But if you move further away from Melbourne to cities like Geelong, Ballarat, Macedon Ranges, or Bendigo, you will find fantastic communities, properties with great character, and much more space for your money.

One thing is for sure - no matter where you choose to live in Victoria, you will surely find good neighbours!


The Coolest Neighbourhoods in Melbourne:


  • Brunswick

  • Richmond

  • St Kilda

  • Fitzroy

  • Footscray


Best suburbs in Melbourne (Greater).


  • Glen Huntly.

  • Sandringham.

  • Mount Eliza.

  • Chelsea.

  • Ringwood North.


It is possible to buy a house in Melbourne with a modest income.


Melbourne's wide range of affordable housing is probably one of its biggest draws. In Melbourne, the average house price is just under $ 881,369 and the houses are often large with plenty of space to comfortably accommodate family life.

On average, homes within the loop are priced necessarily higher than in the Melbourne neighbouring suburbs. The formerly shabby areas within the Loop have seen the rapid development of trend urban communities in recent years.

When choosing a neighbourhood, flood risk, and commuting times, should be two of the biggest considerations. If you are new to the Melbourne area and want to move there, using a well-known real estate agent will be more critical than ever. Within an area, you will have some sections within flood zones and some that are generally not affected. Beware of housing prices which sounds great. Unusually low prices for otherwise beautiful homes may indicate that the house has recently been flooded or is very sensitive to floods. Home purchases have also declined significantly in Melbourne since the outbreak of COVID-19 and it is unclear what long-term effects the pandemic will have on the market.


Education opportunities in Melbourne for your family


Melbourne Victoria's education system is internationally known for providing high-quality education results. It provides best practice paths from kindergarten, elementary school, and high school through to world-class universities and is home to some of the region's best educational institutions.

Melbourne's excellent higher education system population is highly educated with high levels of post-secondary qualifications.


Local Government Area


Bachelor or Higher degree



Melbourne (C)




Melbourne has the highest-ranked university in Australia and the third highest university in the Asia Pacific


Some other facts about Melbourne's education system are:

Melbourne is currently ranked number three in QS's best student cities. Two universities in Melbourne are ranked among the world's 100 best universities. Australia's highest-ranked university - Monash University and the University of Melbourne.


The population in Melbourne is booming thanks to the job market.


The Melbourne job market is also a huge selling point for the city. With a booming education and training, healthcare, scientific and technical service industry, and construction industries, Melbourne is a great option for engineers, researchers, scientists, and medical professionals. 

In addition to being one of the first countries to implement the 40-hour working week, Australia also pays the highest minimum wage in the world. Melbourne has a very strong economy and competes with Sydney for the title of Australia's Business Center.


  • World-leading healthcare.

Melburnians have a life expectancy that is among the highest in the world, encouraged by Australia's world-renowned healthcare system, which includes high - quality public and private hospitals as well as public health services, ambulance, and dental services.


  • Competitive and dynamic business environment

A booming list of the best international companies has made Melbourne its Australian home, including Alibaba, Cargill, CITIC, Mondelez, ExxonMobil, Toyota, Glencore, GSK, and Siemens. Melbourne is among the leading Australian companies, including Amcor, CSL, Telstra, Two of the big four banks, NAB (National Australia Bank)  and ANZ(Australia and New Zealand banking grouping limited), are headquartered in Melbourne and the world's largest mining company BHP Billiton. More than a quarter of Australia's financial companies are based in Victoria.


Top Melbourne Industries:

Over the past ten years, Melbourne's population has grown faster than any other Australian city and could overtake Sydney as Australia's largest city by 2030. Melbourne's population now has over five million people and is growing.


  • Creative industries

  • Digital technology

  • Food and fibre

  • International education

  • Medical technology and pharmaceuticals

  • New energy technology

  • Professional services

  • Retail and supply chain and logistics

  • Tourism, events, and visitor economy

  • Transport, defence, and construction technology


The Melbourne food scene is legendary.


For many people who Move to Melbourne and like to travel in Melbourne Australia, the experience of the food from other cultures plays a big role when it comes to deciding which place they want to travel to next. Melbourne is a place that offers many options for its visitors - whether they want to enjoy good food, casual coffee in one of its cafes, or just brunch in a cozy laneway restaurant, all food aficionado will truly be pleasantly surprised by the diversity this city is known for. for. 

In this Melbourne city, you can eat at various restaurants every night for a year without running out of options! Classic Australian, vegan, Thai, Indian, Italian, you name it! Melbourne's abundance of taco trucks serving classic street tacos makes it easy and fun to have a quick, cheap, and tasty snack. Melbourne also has a wide range of pubs, cafes, and cocktail bars.


Places to Eat and Restaurants in Melbourne:

  • Little Billy ( Australian, Mediterranean)

  • Da Guido 365 (Italian, Pizza, Mediterranean)

  • Delhi Streets Indian Street Food (Indian, Asian, Street Food)

  • Pizzeria (Italian, Pizza, Mediterranean, Healthy)

  • Rosco's at Chevron Cafe Bar ( Italian, Pizza)


Places to Drink in Melbourne or  best Melbourne bars:

  • Romeo Lane ( Bars, Cocktail )

  • The Everleigh, The Shady Lady  ( Bars Cocktail -  bars Fitzroy)

  • Old Palm Liquor ( Bars Wine - Brunswick)

  • Bar Margaux ( Bars Cocktail - bars Melbourne)

  •  Above Board ( Cocktail - Collingwood bars )


Australia's best coffee (if not the world!)

Melbourne's baristas and coffee makers are some of the most skilled, creative, and technical in the country. The praise of caffeine in Melbourne is almost a religion in itself.


Self-care is an important part of Melbourne's culture.


If you are moving to Melbourne from a city like New York or San Francisco, you may be wondering about the city's training and fitness offers. Be sure the city is full of yoga, pilates, CrossFit, and a variety of studios to suit your taste. While boutique fitness is booming, you will also find big names like Yoga 213, Barre Body, Warrior One, Humming Puppy, and Universal Practice throughout the city. You can even take free yoga at MPavilion throughout the week.


Melbourne's Best Workouts spots.


  • Good Vibes. Collingwood, Northcote. 

  • Barre Body. CBD, Windsor, South Melbourne & Fitzroy.

  • Yoga 213. Richmond.

  • Rise Nation. South Yarra.

  • Humming Puppy. Prahran.

  • All For One. Yarraville.

  • KX Pilates. Various locations.

  • 12RND Fitness. Various locations.


Melbourne's Best Places to Run.

  • The Tan Track.

  • Albert Park Lake.

  • Capital City Trail.

  • Maribyrnong River Trail.

  • Princes Park.

  • Solar System Trail 


There are thousands of things to do in Melbourne (Australia).


Melbourne is a dynamic metropolis and the most populous city of the Australian state of Victoria with an exciting city centre, neighbourhoods that are full of unique character, and mountain ranges, and lush green parks where you can enjoy Australian nature at its best.

The city of Melbourne is known for its many variations, its cultural diversity, excellent food options for all budgets, and superb street art. It is also known for being the world's coffee capital and for being regularly voted the world's liveliest city!


best things to do in Melbourne:

  • Return to nature in the Royal Botanic Gardens

  • Drink a cocktail at the hidden bar under Driver Lane

  • See a blockbuster exhibition at NGV

  • Get a ground pass at the Australian Open

  • Explore Melbourne's laneway icon, Degraves Street

  • Learn stories about the traditional owners of the Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Center

  • Take a day trip to Yarra valley

  •  Watch Melbourne sunrise from a hot air balloon

Explore and take advantage of some of Victoria, Make the most of the lazy, long summer days with this guide to the best day trips from Melbourne.


Best Indoor Places to Go with Kids.

Visit the State Library Victoria is the oldest public library in Australia and the Children's Quarter is fantastic, filled with free activities, toys,  games, and of course books to browse through.

  • Dine out at a cafe with an indoor play area including the Eastern Bloc and The Hub.

  • Visiting an art gallery in Victoria always has an incredible children's gallery installation.

  • Visiting a Melbourne Museum children's gallery provides hours of both indoor and outdoor entertainment. There are also two specialized children's museums - Interax City in Malvern East and the Museum of Play and Art in Geelong.

  • Visiting the zoo may be possible when it is raining, but Werribee Zoo,  Melbourne Zoo, and Healesville Sanctuary all have undercover exhibits such as the reptile house or penguin area and indoor play areas. The Melbourne Aquarium is all indoors and for under 3 years you also get free entry.

  • Perfect For Sports Fanatics. If there is a sport to play, there is a good chance that there is a following for it here in Melbourne. With state-of-the-art arenas, world-class sporting facilities, and a 24/7 festival-like atmosphere, this athletic city has hosted just about everything and everyone.

  • Go shopping or visit a market. Some of Melbourne’s best markets are undercover. Explore South Melbourne Market, Footscray Market, Prahran or Dandenong market for a delicious sensory experience. You can also join a Queen Victoria Market Foodie Tour!


Melburnian’s are very Friendliest.


Melburnians have some of the nicest people you will meet. Every store you go to is greeted with a "Hello, how are you?" And they are always ready to help. On the whole, the people here are very social and you have no problem fitting in with a new group of friends who are constantly planning their next group dinner party or local getaway.

When you have moved further out to Victoria, you will find people who are even more welcoming - smaller communities where you can quickly make new friends.


Good weather, Clean, and healthy environment.


Melbourne's unique climate has something for everyone - winters that are cool and springs that are sunny and bright, summers that are hot, autumns that are moderate, When you enjoy Melbourne's nature outdoors, you will also notice our clean air quality. We do not suffer from high levels of air pollution that are common to other major cities around the world.

Melbourne Victoria's well-kept natural environment provides your family with an invaluable and healthy upbringing. Melburnians have year-round access to safe, high-quality fresh produce. Melbourne's drinking water is recognized among the world's best and its air quality consistently meets national environmental standards.


Moving to Melbourne is a breeze with the right resources.


Whether you are moving to Melbourne or around Melbourne, Victoria, it is an integral step to successfully move to be able to track moving goods.

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