Our Fleet and Wheels

Singh Movers Wheels Dimensions

Singh movers provides two-ton vans, four-ton trucks, eight-ton trucks and twelve-ton trucks. Our trucks fit to every type of moves. It may be small to extra large moves.


2 Ton Vans.

Small moves from single items, up to a one bedroom home.

2 Ton Vans Dimensions

  • 10 cubic meters
  • 3.3m internal length
  • 1.85m internal height
  • 1.75m interal width
  • 2.7m height clearance
2 ton removalist van
2 ton removalist van


4 Ton Trucks

Medium moves � up to a two bedroom home.


4 Ton Truck Dimensions

  • 20 cubic metres
  • 4.2m internal length
  • 2.3m internal height
  • 2.2m interal width
  • 3.4m height clearance
4 ton removalists truck
4 ton removalists van



8 Ton Trucks

Large & heavy moves � up to a four bedroom home.



8 Ton Truck Dimensions

  • 40 cubic metres
  • 6.5m internal length
  • 2.5m internal height
  • 2.4m interal width
  • 3.4m height clearance
8 ton removalists truck
8 ton removalists truck



12 Ton Trucks

Very heavy moves � More than four bedroom home.



12 Ton Truck Dimensions

  • 60 cubic metres
  • 7.5m internal length
  • 2.5m internal height
  • 2.4m interal width
  • 3.8m height clearance
12 ton removalists truck
12 ton removalists truck


2 ton removal van

2 Ton van

A van of this size can usually cope with a small sized house move. Unless you�re a serious hoarder, you will probably be able to fit your belongings from anything up to a one-bedroom house into a domestic removals van like this.

4 ton renoval truck

4 Ton truck

This size vehicle can usually cope with a small to average-sized house move. This is suitable up to a two-bedroom house into a domestic removals.

8 ton removal truck

8 Ton truck

For a bigger house move, you might want to choose one of these larger, purpose-built vehicles. Children have a habit of pretty much doubling the amount of stuff we need, so these vehicles are ideal for families with children.

12 tone removal truck

12 Ton truck

For villas type move, you need to choose our larger truck for most heavy equipments. This type of truck suitable for families.