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Singh Movers offer removalists, packing, and unpacking services for household goods during a move of your home, helping make this stressful process less exhausting for you and on time. In addition, we provide wrapping/packing/unpacking for Furniture Assembly and Disassembly Service.


No matter the assistance or relocation to another country, furniture, objects and belongings should always be packed securely to prevent damage during transport. Our Packers and Movers experts specialize in packing belongings in order to achieve optimal results - in fact we can also wrap and pack each individual item! Protecting expensive or precious objects during transport isn't easy, which is why we provide moving and packing experts per item at a low cost so all necessary items like bubble wrap can be provided as part of our service - leaving only moving to worry about! Let us handle this difficult job for you!


If time or your removalists are limited in helping with packing, consulting with an Assembly and Disassembly expert is highly advised. At Furniture Assembly & Disassembly Services Australia we specialise in wrapping and packing services as well as assembly/disassembling which allow you to enjoy life while we take on this difficult task for you! We will transport any remaining belongings across Australia before dismantling/reassembling at their new destination location.


If you're located in Australia and searching for reliable removalists to pack and transport furniture pieces or disassemblies from city to city, trusting in Packers and Movers with all their efforts may help reduce stress while making sure everything runs according to plan.


Transportation of belongings can be one of the most challenging parts of moving. Pushing or sliding items off their vehicles may result in damage or even the loss of precious possessions. Particularly fragile objects, including crystals, porcelain and art requires extra caution when unloading, while furniture requires special consideration. When moving fragile items such as crystals, porcelain and art work it's advisable to hire an expert, particularly when dealing with delicate porcelain artifacts that need extra special care such as furniture made of porcelain or artworks that need transportation with extra precaution. Untrained packers may scratch or break objects whereas experienced Singh Movers will be there to provide assistance and move everything safely.

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Professionally trained movers are ready and able to transport furniture of all types - Ikea, South Shore, Room and Board and Office Depot furniture alike; couches, desks and home designs alike - from IKEA South Shore Room and Board to Office Depot furniture designs; sofas desks and home designs. With teams committed to high quality work and quick disassemble capabilities we guarantee an incredible value at every stage. Our dedication to excellence remains unmatched!


Custom Designed Packaging Solutions:

Not every solution fits every circumstance perfectly, however. While certain items may fit easily into standard containers, others might require special packing techniques for transportation safely. We guarantee our experienced packers can assist in packing memorials or odd-shaped artifacts without damaging or harming any objects we handle - that's our promise!

  • Specific administrations - We offer specific services for pressing and unloading. Rather than our Removalists packing your belongings themselves, our experienced team of packers and movers arrives at your home and packs everything.
  • Fast services - Our quick services take only one day to pack everything up and prepare them for transport, and when you arrive at your new location our team can unpack and organize everything for you.
  • Custom Solutions - Solutions For custom solutions that are unique to you and only pack items which require delicate packing, we can assist. Our employees have extensive training in moving furniture and tables.


Furniture that's ready to collect (also referred to as thumbs-down furniture, level pack furniture or unit furniture) provides customers with an economical solution and lower transport costs. Pieces ready-to-collect have become popular among shoppers looking for maximum value from their purchase by making direct collections from retailers themselves and giving customers more independence, and at lower costs overall.


Expert Furniture Assembly and Disassembly Service Includes. 

Furniture assembly and disassembly services offered by us will ensure that furniture at work or home can be moved without incurring damage in transportation from one place to the next.


  • Our furniture disassemblers are highly qualified professionals who can assist in dismantling most pieces of furniture in your home or office that cannot pass through doors or staircases, such as dressers for beds in cots as well as tables, drawers for dressers and furniture, desks, chairs and sofas beds, computer tables, conference tables, file cabinets, shelves bookcases etc.
  • Our team can also assist with organizing your belongings, clearing desks and drawers so employees are free to work uninterrupted throughout their day.
  • At our Singh Movers furniture assembling specialists team, our specialists specialize in disassembly and assembly services for most well-known IKEA models such as BRUSALI furniture and HEMNES daybeds.


Packing And Unpacking Removalists Service:

Or you could opt to do all the packing yourself and use our services only when packing fragile or delicate things. In either case, we have all of the required packaging materials and instructions available to assist those packing removalists on their own.

Fragile packaging and unpacking service - We provide materials to pack most of your possessions yourself, while our professional team wraps kitchen crockery, mirrors, sets or any other ornaments which require individual wrapping services.

Packaging and assembly materials - Here are a few samples of packaging we provide, all brand new and recyclable.

  • Packaging boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packaging tape
  • Set of tools
  • Package products in protective materials, shrink wrap, protective covers or labels to safeguard them.


We will always deliver the best quality services in Australia at the best price.

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Singh Mover Australia provides furniture removals, Assembly & Disassembly Services, and storage services across Australia - we invite you to reach out and connect with one of our knowledgeable team members or representatives on 13000SINGHOR or 1300074644. For quick and free quotes from Singh Movers Australia just fill out a request for quote form online, send an email, or give us a call - the head office is located in Melbourne with branches also in Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth etc...

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