Singh Movers Wheels Dimensions

Singh movers provides two-ton vans, four-ton trucks, eight-ton trucks and twelve-ton trucks. Our trucks fit to every type of moves. It may be small to extra large moves.


2 Ton Vans.

Small moves from single items, up to a one bedroom home.

2 Ton Vans Dimensions

2 ton removalist van
2 ton removalist van


4 Ton Trucks

Medium moves � up to a two bedroom home.


4 Ton Truck Dimensions

4 ton removalists truck
4 ton removalists van



8 Ton Trucks

Large & heavy moves � up to a four bedroom home.



8 Ton Truck Dimensions

8 ton removalists truck
8 ton removalists truck



12 Ton Trucks

Very heavy moves � More than four bedroom home.



12 Ton Truck Dimensions

12 ton removalists truck
12 ton removalists truck