Two Men And A Truck


So, you are one of those not searching for a full-fledged MOVERS AND PACKERS Melbourne team but only the service of Two men and a truck who can help you in shifting your belongings to the new desired places. So, why do you worry? Singh movers and packers are there to assist you with each and everything. Two men and a truck is a service available at Singh movers which preferably means that we will even help you with the moving services of around 2 chairs and a table as well. Either your stuff is just a table, a chair, or whatsoever you have, Singh movers will be there at your doorstep rendering you with the services of Two men and a truck.

Large-scale moves with plenty of heavy equipment need efficient teamwork and number of vehicles for the material to be transported. But we, at Singh Movers acquire plenty of large sized vehicles and will render you with the service of only a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK as per the customer requirement. The size of the truck you choose or we recommend will depend on your belongings to be shifted either locally or interstate. Whether the truck size is 2 tonnes, 6 tonnes or any. We will assist you in all of the ways and you will not have to worry about the safety of the belongings also.

With SINGH MOVERS AND PACKERS, your belongings are safe as the process of shifting will be undertaken to keep in mind the safety measures. Do not worry and get in touch with our customer care executives and be free from all of the worries of your OFFICE MOVE, INTERSTATE MOVE, FURNITURE MOVE, HOUSE MOVE, etc.


Two Men And A Truck


This service is done with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK- no matter what the size of the truck is. The size of the truck will totally depend on your requirements as we have plenty of collection of the trucks to accommodate the requirements of our different customers. We do not believe in saying NO to our customer for a small reason. We always make available all the things for our different clients so that neither one nor the other client will have to wait for their work to be done. Time is significant and more significant is the work to be done on time for the happiness and satisfaction of the client. You can fully explain and elaborate your needs to our customer care executives who are there to assist you round the clock. And after they analyze all the things they will surely recommend a truck size that suits your requirements.

    It does not matter for us whether the small amount of stuff needs to be shifted within the city or to another state. We will endow you with every facility once you trust and hire us. 
    INTERSTATE MOVE is also a facility provided by SINGH MOVERS experienced team having full professional knowledge regarding MOVERS AND PACKERS work. We will plan the trip with utmost care and ensure you the safety of your goods along with the swift and on time delivery.
    Our TWO MEN AND A TRUCK service provide you the assistance with moving the stuff from house to house. The two men will themselves pack the stuff, load and unload all the materials on the fixed and dedicated time. Our large trucks have enough space to fit room materials. So, do not worry at any point as SINGH MOVERS has an eye on every job that is being done after you hire us.
    SINGH MOVERS do not only offer TWO MEN AND A TRUCK service for long-distances. But also for the local distances that takes less amount of time. We believe in providing workers with the best care and the best prices possible. Moving locally does not take much of our time. You can hie this LOCAL MOVE service of SINGH MOVERS even if you want to shift from the one corner of Melbourne to the other corner of the Melbourne city of Australia.



    We do not take any depot to depot charges from our customers as already said we work for our customer’s satisfaction. We  only charge you for the door to door transportation and shifting. Not even the fuel charges are taken from the customers.


    We will only charge you for the door to door shifting as that is when the main process starts. We will endow you with the shifting that is done with proper planning.


    You will not be asked to pay any fuel charges as we will endow you with every possible facility that we can and will not charge you for any extra stuff.


    SINGH MOVERS is not a company who just provides shifting but not with proper safety measures. SINGH MOVERS treat their every customer as their family and get their work done with proper safety and using professional tools. Our professional tools include trolley, dollies, heavy duty blankets, a toolkit for assembling, and disassembling furniture, ropes, shrink wraps etc. SINGH MOVERS also have professional trolleys and ramps for the shifting of various types of upright pianos.


    have shown all their charges beforehand to their customer in their company’s quote. We do not ask you for any other charge for the sake of money. We just believe in providing the quality work as we work for the success of this company and for the happiness of our clients.


  • 24*7 SUPPORT:  
    Our customer care executive team is set at the backend to help the customers with every doubts and query that they have. We will solve your each and every problem. You can call or mail us at any time you want to as we are available round the clock for our client’s assistance.


1.    We also have professional piano trolleys and ramps for the upright piano shiftings.

2.    We enlist our all charges in our quote itself so that there should be no hidden charges for the customers.

3.    We are available with the 24*7 customer care support to assist our customers with all the doubts and queries that they have.

4.    We endow our customers with the affordable prices which won’t lay heavy on their pockets.

5.    We believe in providing on-time service in order to not cause any trouble to the customer.

6.    Your possessions are safe with SINGH MOVERS as they do the packing taking all the safety measures and they do all of the work with full care.

7.    Visitors on this site if have any queries regarding our services can actually check our google reviews and testimonials, if you still feel doubts, you can contact those review writers and our executive team for clearing all the doubts.



    is believed for their quality service at affordable prices. We endow our customers all the facilities at the minimum price possible. Charging low doesn’t mean our work quality is not good. It is just our company’s motto to endow their customers with all the services at low-cost so that the prices won’t lay heavy on any type of customer’s pocket.
  • ON-TIME SERVICE: Now this is a major doubt in every customer’s mind as many other service providers promise to shift the stuff on time but do not do so. But why SINGH MOVERS? Because SINGH MOVERS is fixed with their timings and do not disappoint their customers. Our timely delivery will always put a smile on your face.
    SINGH MOVERS can be fully trusted for the safety of the stuff as they plan, pack, and unpack the stuff using professional tools and by undertaking proper safety measures. Have faith in us and call us to hire for the services.
    This is a major important thing that customers always want to know whether the service of the company is good or not but our GOOGLE REVIEWS says it all as our customers have happily published reviews who were fully satisfied with our service.
    SINGH MOVERS is a company of MOVERS AND PACKERS at whom you can rely upon for all sort of work as we do all the work by ourselves itself once you hire us. You do not need to worry at any point in the shifting process. Though there never happens any sort of trouble if sometimes it happens for the goods in transit, we pay up to $100,000. On the other hand for any harm to the public, we pay for the public liability around $10,000,000.
    We offer our customers with one more important facility that is STORAGE FACILITY at SINGH MOVERS. So, if at times you do not want to shift all of your stuff to your house, office or industry, we have ample space for your belongings to be stored under CCTV SURVEILLANCE round the clock. So, be free if you hire SINGH MOVERS.


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We stop at nothing to appease and assist our valued customers time and time again. We are able to even move very large items such as pool tables, pianos, and extremely heavy furniture. Our trusted employees have also been trained in taking care when moving any and all items from someone’s home or office, they have gone through a comprehensive screening process, and they have the experience and knowledge to get any moving job completed with a smile on their face. We have a plethora of satisfied customers who have worked with us and can attest to our impeccable customer service and our highly-skilled moving expertise. For more information contact us today at 0470315183.

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