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If you’re looking for Removalists Cobblebank is a moving company that would safely shift your goods and furniture, you have a number of Removalists Melbourne to choose from. But Singh Movers will show you that it is the best of the lot if you choose to hire this company. Especially in case you are a resident of Cobblebank, Singh Movers will prove to you that it is the best of all the Furniture Removalists Cobblebank has to offer.

Cobblebank is packed in the West by Toolern Creek, which was built in 1881 as the 'Permanent Reserves for Public Purpose'. The reserve includes a drainage bed and it is a nominal 20.12 meter (one series) that is wide by the side of the drain, tribal works have also been found in this area. The district was originally surveyed by Europeans in the 1840s as part of the Parorite Parish, this area has been continuously cultivated, in which some industrial buildings and some suburban development within the last 15 years has been built. A dry stone wall, which was built during the early European farming days, has been preserved near Ferris Road. The Northern boundary is created by the Western Freeway, which combines Cobblebank with both Melbourne and Melton (and beyond the Ballarat). The northern part of Cobblebank is home to the Park of Tabcorp, which was opened for harness racing in 2009.

What Services Do We Provide?

Singh movers, the most famous furniture Removalists Cobblebank, provides you with the following services:-

  • Office Removalists:

Whether you want to shift your office furniture, personal computers or even office records, we at Singh Movers are always here to help you with your moving needs. While many moving companies work according to strict schedules and may not always be available, we operate every day of the week, even on weekends. We have been involved in moving office equipment for over nine long periods, so be assured that we have all the know-how for shifting your office gear. Shifting important office records from one place to another all by yourself can be quite daunting, for many vital files might get lost in all the chaos and to-do. That is why you can ask us to step in. Singh Movers makes sure that all the office cabinets containing your important files are sealed or wrapped in a proper manner so that there is no risk of any of the files getting mislaid. When packing all your office equipment, loading them onto our trucks, unloading them at the required destination and unpacking them, we handle each of the stuff with the utmost care and make sure that no damage is done. You don’t need to worry at all about unpacking heaps of boxes and rearranging all your office furniture at the new premises. After relocating your office gear, we make it easier for you to set up and begin running your business at your new office in no time at all.

  • House Removalists: 

When it comes to packing and moving your house furniture, appliances, or even apartments, the staff at Singh Movers knows what to do and how to do it. As many moving companies do not operate on weekends, there is less chance of disruption to business on Saturdays and Sundays. That is why we have no problem in helping you meet your home relocation needs any day of the week. With ten years of experience in the moving and packing industry, we at Singh Movers know both how to shift your home equipment and how to keep the products undamaged in the process. We give your products additional security by ensuring all of them. Special furniture covers and wrappers are used to prevent your house furniture like beds from getting any marks or scratches while being transported. Moreover, trucks of the correct size are provided to you for moving your home gear to your new house. We have, for instance, 6-ton trucks of medium size for moving two bedrooms, 2-ton vans for moving single items, and 12-ton large-sized trucks that are suitable for moving villas and up to five bedrooms.

  • Pool Table Removal:

Numerous owners of houses, institutions, and businesses have availed our services when it comes to shifting a pool table to a new location. This is because the tools and equipment we use for moving your pool table removal are a lot more advanced and progressive than those used by other pool table movers based in Melbourne. We use a crane, for example, to deliver your pool table to or remove it from your apartment if it is a high-rise one. It is true that moving a pool table requires tremendous physical force. But what is also required is the technical knowledge to do this work so that the pool table comes to no harm. Before moving a pool table, its parts need to be dismantled, which are assembled together again once they are shifted to the new destination, and voila! You have your pool table all set up, without any stress on your part! For moving your pool table to a local area or across the city or even across the state, Singh Movers is one of the best Pool Table Movers Melbourne has.

  • Piano Movers:

Want to shift your grand piano to a new place across the state of Melbourne? You can simply contact us and then sit back. At Singh Movers, the delicate work of moving your piano without causing any damage to the walls or the furniture is what we are best at. This has enabled us to earn the trust of several music teachers, music stores, and even professional musicians who have availed our specialist services for piano removal. Regardless of the shape and size of your piano, we at Singh Movers ensure that your piano is not damaged in any way while being shifted to any city located in Australia that you want, for we know how expensive a piano is. In case your piano is bigger than usual, it would be better if you contacted us in advance, so that we can make all the necessary arrangements and assign our bigger trucks for this work. We use trolleys as well as straps going over the backs of our piano moving staff to ensure that your piano is moved safely. So instead of employing an amateur moving company to convey your piano to the required destination, you can ask the well-trained staff at Singh Movers to help you.

  • Hard Rubbish Removal:

Removing all the waste piled up in your backyard is easy, you think. Not so. On the contrary, it is a tough and extremely time-consuming task which, if you attempted to undertake on your own, might leave you exhausted and even damage some of your property. To avoid getting fatigued in this arduous process, you can avail the waste removal services that are offered by Singh Movers. Millions of our customers have given us positive reviews for our rubbish removal service. We sort all the rubbish and put those on our trucks to transport them to, and dump them, in the landfill. Disposing of carpets, timber, porcelain, furniture, glass, mattresses, tubs, and linoleum rolls, hard Rubbish Removal Melbourne is our specialty. A moving company Melbourne with untrained staff may dump your old refrigerator in the landfill, but not we! Singh Movers can recycle your old refrigerator through a complex process involving degassing and decommissioning it in a safe manner. We at Singh Movers also offer you our services for green waste removal in case you want to dispose of organic waste.

  • Removalists Cobblebank

One of the leading Removalists Melbourne has to offer, Singh Movers shifts all pieces of your furniture to the specified destination only after your tables, sofas, beds, and other furniture and fabric items are wrapped in removal blankets and plastic covers, ensuring their safe conveyance. As soon as you contact us for moving your furniture, we ask you whether your furniture needs to be shifted locally or to a place situated in another state in Australia. For more than ten years, Singh Movers has been involved in the furniture delivery Melbourne industry, providing its moving services with well-equipped moving vehicles to millions of customers based not only in each and every suburb of Melbourne but also in other major cities in Australia like Brisbane and Canberra. That is what makes Singh Movers your one-stop solution if you are looking for Interstate Removalists Melbourne?

Removalists Cobblebank

Why Should You Choose Us?

We provide you with secure storage facilities:
It is rare to find a moving company in Australia that will offer to store your goods for delivering them to a new location. But with Singh overs, you don’t need to take any stress at all! Whether your furniture needs to be stored for a number of years or only for a few days, we pack these up in quality containers or packing boxes which are then stored at our premises with the greatest security until they are to be delivered to the required place.

We make sure your goods are insured:
Singh Movers makes every attempt to ensure that your furniture and other goods reach the required destination safe and sound. For this, we have insurance for all our trucks and other moving vehicles. This means that if any mishap like a fire happens to the truck while moving your goods or if the truck overturns, your belongings like furniture would be fully covered under insurance. Singh Movers is licensed for carrying out its work.

Our experienced staff makes it a pleasure for you to work with us:
At Singh Movers, professional, considerate and Friendly Moving Men cater to all your furniture removals needs. We are experienced in this work and know-how to handle your goods, whether delicate or heavy equipment. Our customers from a decade know us to be fully cooperative throughout the moving and packing process.

We always succeed in giving full customer satisfaction:
Regardless of whether you want to move your antique furniture or remove your hard rubbish, Singh Movers has always been there to meet any and every demand of yours and ensures full satisfaction to every customer.

We make sure your goods are delivered without delay:
Singh Movers offers a fast-moving service, irrespective of whether your equipment is heavy and bulky or fragile. Time is more valuable to us than money, and we make sure that all your goods are delivered to the required destination within the specified time.

You don’t need to pay extra or hidden charges:
Once you avail the services provided by Singh Movers, you are required to pay for nothing but the removal of your home or office gear or other transported goods. This implies that additional charges such as fuel expenses are excluded.

Our services are cost-effective:
Providing our professional moving and packing services at extremely affordable rates, Singh Movers is the cheapest of the Cheap Furniture Removalists in Melbourne and other major cities in Australia.
With proper transport for the removal of your goods, round-the-clock service, an experienced staff, and professional equipment, Singh Movers is certainly the best Furniture Removalists Cobblebank.

Cobblebank - A Suburb City Of Melbourne

Cobblebank is a suburb that is being developed in the city of Melbourne, which is the capital of Victoria in Australia. Before Cobblebank was created as a suburb in 2017, it used to be a part of another, a larger suburb named Melton South. The hub for business development and vocational education in west Melbourne called the Western BACE is situated at Cobblebank. It also contains the Toolern Town Centre, which is being developed into a major area for the future with an estimated population of 60,000.

Cobbelbank Fast Facts:

Postcode: 3338

State: Victoria

Country: Australia

Distance from Cobblebank to Singh Movers Melbourne: 47.8 km or 46 minutes by car

Distance from Cobblebank to Melbourne CBD: 31 km 

Local Government Area: City of Melton

State electorate: Melton

Federal Division: Gorton


  • Melton

  • Melton South

  • Cobblebank

  • Grangefields

  • Thornhill Park

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  • Defrost your refrigerator in time for moving day.
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Packing & Labeling
  • Label boxes on all sides so you can see what it contains in a stack without having to move everything around.
  • Clearly mark boxes containing fragile goods.
  • Pack a suitcase with clothes and toiletries like you�re going on a trip for a few days.

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