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Removalists Craigieburn offers the services of disassembly and assembly of furniture in general and, especially, disassembly of furniture for subsequent packing, transfer to local and unpacking-assembly in the place of unloading are offered. We have our own professional removalists, highly trained specialists with a lot of experience.

 In the case of motivation: The main purpose of the Singh movers is to guarantee the safety and integrity of your luggage during transport. Therefore, if the carriers believe that to guarantee the safety and integrity of the transport object (for example, a removable piece of furniture), it is necessary to separate it from the first (before proceeding to its displacement), which they will completely free. With the charge and client's previous agreement It is free packaging material, as well as the job of unpacking-assembly in the destination of the carriage

The additional dismantling-assembly works, which do not fall into the category of free benefits:

1. The work of Singh Movers disassembly-packing to reduce the volume of the goods. If you want the movie to be even more economical (because you have a lower volume load), do these tasks yourself and then, provide us with the dimensions of the packages separately for the preparation of an economic budget, or use the moving calculator to find the transport price personally.

2. Dismantling and assembly work required for your furniture and generated by the conditions of the load at the origin or unloading at the destination of the move. For example, that due to the considerable dimensions of the furniture it is not possible to remove/put it from, or for the same reason do not enter the elevator/elevator of the building, to proceed to the collection/delivery of the object.

Specialized in the following Furniture Removalists Craigieburn services:

How to evaluate and organize a move?

Next, Movers Melbourne allows ourselves to give you a couple of practical tips. Actually, they are all very easy to comply with and logical. But in a stressful situation, sometimes, you can lose yourself and forget to do such obvious things. Below you can write your own suggestions or read the related tips of our other clients.

 1. If you are going to make the packaging personally, acquire adequate packaging material and enough quantities to close the fragile things well. It is best to wrap them in "bubble paper" and place them in the cardboard boxes, making sure they do not have direct contacts with each other. Keep in mind that no company (even if it is the best and most responsible in the world), can take care of the material damage if the work of the packaging was not done by themselves.

 2. If your move is large, start the packing works as soon as possible, and, first, the things that, surely, will not use these days. When closing the boxes, it is better to number them and put their contents in each one, in case you need to recover something urgently. These acts, too, will diminish the "post-move stress", allowing you to easily find the boxes with the things you need in the first place in your new home. Do not forget to mark with the word "FRAGILE" those packages that contain delicate objects that require special treatment.

3. When making boxes or suitcases it is necessary to ensure that they do not exceed 20 kilograms. In this way, it is guaranteed that they are easily handled and do not break when they are displaced. It is also evident that in the vehicle Moving Services Melbourne cannot put all your suitcases or boxes at the same level and they will be placed one on top of the other. If, for example, a cardboard box weighs more than 20 kg, apart from being able to break when it is moved, also (during a trip of hundreds of kilometres) it can deform the structure of other boxes on which it will be mounted and the content will suffer damage. To average the weight of the boxes, you can combine heavy things with light ones. For example, half a box full of books and the rest with clothes. In any case, if the boxes (suitcases) with the fragile content are marked properly (an annotation).

4. To properly manage the transfer, the first thing you have to measure the volume of your cargo. If you are going to transport mostly boxes or rectangular objects, you can easily know the total-approximate volume of your load.

5. In the case of furniture or removable appliances, before moving them, it is highly advisable to separate the modules, to guarantee their integrity and safety.

6. At the time of loading the furniture (or objects of any kind) with a complex configuration, house removalists Melbourne must allocate more space for their actual measurements. If you do not have your original packaging, always take the extreme measurements of these objects. This will help you avoid mistakes in the previous calculations of the volume, and as a consequence, in the organization of the whole process of the move.

7. If there are bulky objects in the move, it is necessary to measure them to know if they can fit in the elevators (lifts) or have to lower them (at the origin of the move) or suburbs (at the destination of the move) by the stairs to hand. This information is very important to determine the number of people who will help you, the material and the necessary means to carry out your transfer successfully.

8. The furniture and appliances on the trip must be empty and cannot contain other objects of transport to avoid the breakage of the first ones.

9. All pieces that are not fixed inside the objects must be removed, such as trays, dividers, drawers, etc.

10. The ramps, elevators and/or lifts valid to carry out the collection and/or delivery of the objects, as well as the existence of nearby loading and unloading areas, will greatly facilitate the process of their removal. If you are going to use a transport company to transfer your goods, these are influential factors and will make the budget cheaper, for a smaller number of employees present at the place and at the time of loading or unloading.

11. In the case of absence of a lift (forklift) or that is not useful for the reception / delivery of all the objects of the move because it is of small dimensions, it is important to find out if the stairs and the turns of the same are sufficiently spacious to organize the descent/upload of their belongings by them in conditions (without any damage to the building facilities). It is very important to determine it previously, to have lifting systems (removal cranes) on the days of loading or unloading.

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Services for Household Goods & Merchandise

Conditions of service

  • The Singh Movers furniture storage service is one of the most common features related to removals. There are different reasons when it is essential to make a previous move of furniture from the customers to storage. And more common when after giving us their belongings, the client needs a certain time to get to be able to receive their belongings in a new place of their residence.

  • On these occasions Moving Company Melbourne offers secure storage of your assets, for a short period of time as long (for days, weeks or months).

  • Your belongings will be stored in the most modern facilities, with fire-fighting equipment (alarms, fire extinguishers and sprinklers), spacious, easily accessible in accordance with current regulations.

  • These facilities have anti-theft systems (alarms, closed-circuit television, etc.) and physical surveillance for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Budget Removalists Melbourne has industrial vehicles of different technical characteristics to satisfy your tastes and needs.

You can easily calculate the prices of the vehicles for rent, marking the mileage between origin and destination of your move or size.

Also, Removalists Melbourne informs you that the economic prices found, include a series of services and expenses, directly linked to the move:

  • The services of a carrier - loading/unloading operator during transport. However, the number of operators can vary, according to the needs of customers;
  • Fuel and tolls expenses;
  • Loading and unloading service;
  • Packing and unpacking work;
  • Packaging material for large objects (household appliances: washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, furniture: beds, sofas, cupboards etc.);
  • Furniture disassembly and assembly service;
  • Units installation and installation service;

We are at your disposal for any question you wish to ask. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail, and we will be happy to help you.

Craigieburn: A Suburb city of Melbourne

Craigieburn, a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, is located 26 km north of Melbourne's central business district. The city of Hume is its local government area. Craigieburn had a population of 50,347 according to the 2016 Census.

Craigieburn fast facts:

Postcode: 3064

Population: 50,347 according to the 2016 census

State: Victoria

Country: Australia

Local government area: City of Hume

State Electorate:- Yuroke

Federal Division:-Calwell

Distance from Craigieburn to Singh Movers Melbourne: 2.2 km or 4 minutes by car

Distance from Craigieburn to Melbourne CBD: 26 km

Surrounding Suburbs Around Craigieburn:-

  • Mickleham

  • Yuroke

  • Donnybrook

  • Wollert

  • Somerton

  • Greenvale

Relevant links:-,_Victoria

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