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Singh Movers and Removalists Craigieburn offer professional disassembly as well as assembly of furniture in general, but specifically disassembling furniture pieces that are to be transported or packed locally to be packed and unloaded at their destination. Our team includes highly skilled experts with years of expertise. 

Singh Movers' primary objective is to protect the security of your baggage while it's being transported. If they feel they can meet this requirement for the item being transported (for example, disassembling furniture), removal should be completed in its initial state before transportation. The service is completely free. Simply pay for the cost of transport and get prior approval from the client to receive the packaging materials for free when they arrive at their destination. Take it apart at the point of delivery


Assembly parts are not covered in this category.

  1. Singh Movers' goal in disassembly-packing is to decrease the weight. To have a cost-effective moving experience, you can try doing these tasks yourself. You can also send us the measurements of your boxes for us to calculate an economical budget. You can also make use of our calculator to calculate estimations of the cost of moving.

  2. Tasks for assembly and disassembly of furniture could be required due to loading at the location of origin or unloading at the place of movement. Particularly because of its size, it might not be practical to move or put it in or inside a building or to not use elevators in buildings since this could delay pickup and delivery processes.


Specialized in the following Furniture Removalists Craigieburn services:


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How to evaluate and organize the Craigieburn removalist's move?

Singh Movers offers Craigieburn removalists some of their suggestions that are simple and sensible but can be lost in a chaotic setting. Below, clients are encouraged to note down their ideas or look over suggestions from other customers.

  1. If you are planning to create your packaging, make sure you have enough supplies and appropriate materials to secure any fragile items properly. Generally, the practice of wrapping fragile objects inside "bubble paper" before putting them into cardboard containers is a good way to ensure they do not come into close contact during transport.

Be aware that even the best companies can't prevent the destruction of packaging if the task is not done on their own.

  1. If the move is large, begin packing as soon as you can. Begin by removing things you don't need today and labeling the boxes so that you can locate things urgently much easier. These actions will minimize "post-move anxiety" while also making it easier to find boxes that hold the things you need when they arrive at the new home.

Make sure that you clearly label any packaging that has fragile objects with special instructions that include "FRAGILE."

  1. Suitcases and boxes mustn't weigh more than 20 kg to allow them to be handled quickly. Won't fall apart when being transported, and will not put unnecessary stress on Moving Services Melbourne when traveling in vehicles. If they do, they'll end up one over the other!

The average cardboard box weighs over 20kg and is susceptible to breaking when moved around, which could damage the other boxes it comes into contact with, damaging them on a journey across the country. To help balance their weight better, heavy items can be grouped with lighter items within one box, such as books in one section and clothes in the other, thus balancing the weight distribution across different weight classes more efficiently. When packing fragile items into luggage, they must be marked appropriately (annotations).

 For a smooth and easy transfer and to keep yourself in control, estimating the dimensions of your cargo is essential to managing it efficiently. If you are planning to transport boxes or other rectangular objects, estimating the general size is simple.

  1. It is highly recommended that before transporting any furniture or appliances to Craigieburn to recycle, the components of them be separated to safeguard their security and integrity.

  1. Removalists working for houses in Melbourne must allocate additional space for furniture (or any object that has a complex arrangement), which requires additional consideration because of its size.

If the items you have purchased aren't in the original packaging, you must take precise measurements to prevent mistakes in volumetric calculations and the planning of Craigieburn removalists.

  1. It is crucial that, when moving heavy objects, they are measured precisely to determine whether they can fit in elevators (lifts) or require to be lowered (at the start of the transfer or the point of departure by the stairs in hand). This determines the number of people who will be required to help out and what equipment you will require to complete the transfer.

  1. Appliances and furniture utilized during travel must be removed before packing other items to avoid breaking one piece through the transit of another.

  1. All non-adhesive objects are to be removed, which includes tray drawers, trays, partitions, etc.

  1. Ramps, elevators, or lifts that facilitate the delivery or collection of an object, along with the proximity of loading and unloading zones, can significantly simplify their transfer from one place to another.

Consider hiring a company to transport furnishings shortly, which may reduce your costs by a significant amount. Costly, as fewer workers will be on site when loading and unloading.

  1. If there's any lifting device (forklift) in place or it doesn't fit the needs of everything being moved because of its small size, the steps as well as the turn must be big enough to ensure safe and secure transportation without damaging structures. Additionally, the lift system (removal cranes) is also required to be installed before loading or unloading processes take place.


Solutions for household items and retail:

Conditions of service
  • Singh Movers' furniture storage services are among the most commonly used services associated with Craigieburn moving furniture. Many reasons make it important to relocate the possessions of clients before the scheduled pickup times between their residence located in Craigieburn and their current home in Craigieburn. 
  • Moving Company Melbourne can provide safe storage for as long as required—whether it's days, weeks, or even months. 
  • Your belongings will be stored within modern, well-lit storage spaces that are equipped with firefighting equipment (alarms as well as fire extinguishers, alarms, and sprinklers) large enough to allow ease of access, in line with the latest rules and regulations. 
  • Anti-theft devices (alarms as well as closed-circuit televisions) and physical monitoring are available at all times throughout the year.

Budget Removalists in Melbourne offer industrial vehicles that will easily meet your needs and expectations. It is easy to calculate rental costs for a vehicle using the distance between the point of origin and the location of the move or the amount of the move.

Removalists Melbourne will also inform its customers that the quoted prices include different costs and services directly related to relocation.

  • Transport requires the services of a carrier-loading or unloading operator, with the number of operators depending on customer requirements. 
  • Tolls and Costs of Fuel and Service for Loading and Unloading 
  • When it comes to packing and unpacking large items (i.e., dishwashers, washers, refrigerators, washing machines, and furniture like furniture, beds, sofas, cabinets, etc.), the right materials should be in stock. 
  • Furniture assembly, disassembly, and manufacturing; 
  • Installation and setup service;

Contact us by email or phone, and we'll be delighted to help you make your Craigieburn removalist move a seamless experience.


CRAIGIEBURN: Suburb City Of Melbourne

Craigieburn, located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, is located 26 km to the north of the city's Central Business District and forms part of the Hume Local Government Area. In 2016, there were 65,178 residents living within Craigieburn, according to the Census 2021. Census figures.


Surrounding Suburbs Around Craigieburn:-

  • Mickleham
  • Yuroke
  • Donnybrook
  • Wollert
  • Somerton
  • Greenvale


Craigieburn's fast facts:

  • Postcode: 3064
  • Population: 65,178 according to the 2021 census
  • State: Victoria
  • Country: Australia
  • Local government area: City of Hume
  • State Electorate:- Yuroke
  • Federal Division:-Calwell
  • Distance from Craigieburn to Singh Movers Melbourne: 2.2 km or 4 minutes by car
  • Distance from Craigieburn to Melbourne CBD: 26 km
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Adrian Grayson

This company was truly amazing. The best moving company I have ever used. The team are quick, professional and diligent and go above and beyond to make sure things are done well. They were so good my sister also used them when she moved too. I cannot recommend enough.

Joan Ryan

I have used this company 3times now. They are very good, efficient and hard working. The guys are always cheerful, and do not take breaks. We did not move far, but all our belongings were all secured and arrived safely. No damage. I would highly recommend this company.

Kurt McCarthy

Amazing service! Have nothing but good words to say about this company. It is now the second time we have moved house with them. Professional, fast, on time and very helpful. Highly recommend.

Anirudh Krishnan

They were brilliant start to finish. Extremely nice guys who did a great job. No damage to property on either side. They had all safety equipment required to safely transport it across. I would happily recommend them to anyone.

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