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Singh Movers and Packer's removalists Delahey or storage Delahey is the best moving and packing service Melbourne. We are such a moving company which is based in Melbourne and delivers its quality services to a lot of places with a really reasonable price and we are a professional furniture removalists service and you are going to get a lot of benefit from our service rather than any other kind of service. We, at Singh Movers and packers, believe that every minute is valuable for you. Thus we make sure that you get everything delivered and picked up in time.

There were basically many farming properties in Delhahey. The government took possession of land in the second half of the 1980s for sub-division of most residential properties. The name of the suburb is named after William Delahey, who is still a child, who came from Ireland with his parents and brother-sister Henry Delahey and Mary in June 1840. Mr William Daley was associated with the Keller Shire Council for eighteen years. And was elected president during 1882-83. The suburb name was formally adopted in 1994. Delahey is the home of Transmitter for Melbourne Broadcasting Station of the head of Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 774 ABC Melbourne, with 215 meters (705 feet) high transmitters mast.

Why choose Singh movers as Furniture Removalists Delahey?

  • No Depot To Depot Charges

Our service never asks you to pay for any kind of depot to depot charges. It is such a thing which we include in our service only, so you aren’t asked to pay for it.

  • A Door To Door Charges Only

Our service only charges you for the door to door service which is the main part of our service and the main thing for relocation.

  • House Removalists.

We are the best house removalists service with guaranteed on-time pickups and full house relocation including delivering it to the place you like.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Whatever service you expect from us and whatever way you want us to do that, we would be doing it for you as to believe in individual necessities rather than just doing what everybody else does. We provide good services in every aspect which you would love.

  • Proper Care of All Your Belongings All The Time During Relocation.

We are always responsible for everything until it is under us and our supervision. We would monitor each and everything which we are supposed to relocate and make sure that everything is kept intact.

  • Affordable Services.

We provide affordable relocation for all types of furniture moving services and office removals and also provide you with quick service in the Antique Furniture Removal. We make sure that you find our service the most affordable among every other service which you can find. We always want you to save money on our services.

  • Experienced Staff.

Our staff has been in this service for more than a decade and we provide you with really professional service, both on-road as well as during relocation.

  • No Fuel Charges

The best thing about Singh Movers is that we never charge you for fuel costs, which means that everything is just covered under the specific price which you have to pay for relocation, not for any kind of transport or whatsoever. This means that you would be saving money this way too on our services.

  • 24*7 Hour 365-Say Service

This is another great feature of our service. We believe that your time is the most valuable thing and that is the only reason we work 24 x 7 so that whenever you need us, we are there for you in order to relocate everything for you and give you the peace of mind all the time.

  • Very Secure Transport

We are always on the reluctance of providing you with a safe and secure transport overall and we believe that your belongings and treasure needs to be protected every time, and that is why we have a full four-level security system onboard, which gives really exceptional security to all your belongings. We make sure everything in your belongings is kept safe and secure.

  • Professional Tools Used For Relocation

We believe that your satisfaction as a customer is one of the most important things in our service, and since we are here to serve you, we really would like to do it in the best way. We always use professional tools for everything, be it packing, getting into our trucks, while on-road or even while unpacking everything. We can give you the best service and we make sure that the customer gets the best from everything which he has paid for our service.

  • Getting Your Heavy Items Moved Easily

If you want a piano removals service, we can provide that for you as we are quite efficient in relocating heavy stuff also. If you are transporting any heavy stuff, you don’t need to worry about its safety, because the safety is up to us and we would make sure that it enters your new home or new office exactly as it was packed by us. Our service is the best this way and we make sure that our customers love it.

Some of the other main features of this service are:

We provide specialized services in the following fields-

  • Furniture removals / House removalists

  • Office relocation

  • Furniture removalists Delahey

  • Piano Removals

  • Pool table moving

  • Self-storage services

  • Fast Moving Service

  • Move Heavy Equipment easily

  • Packing Service

  • Professionalism

  • 10+ Years Experience

  • Office Removalists

furniture removalists delahey

Most trusted movers and packers Melbourne: Singh movers

Some of the major features of our service are:

Removalists of all kinds

No matter if you want Removal Company Melbourne or from any other place, you can always choose this service for removing any kind of stuff that you want. Let us make it clear for you that this company is a full time moving house removalists, piano removals, furniture removals, interstate removalists, office removalists and a lot of other stuff.

Professionalism in every aspect of service

Services which you generally opt for are really promising but most of the times, they fail to deliver. You need a really professional staff with a really good user experience all the time. The same way, Singh Movers and Packers furniture removalists Delahey has been doing for the last decade as it has a lot of happy customers with great service offered all the time. You can always trust this company with all the stuff which you want to get moving and shift from one place to another.

Storage for everything you want to get moving

We make it really convenient for you all the time to get your stuff moving from one place to another and they are really considered to be the best house removalists Melbourne which you can find. If you have anything which is heavy, like heavy furniture at your homes which you want to get moving, then trust this service for the furniture removalists Delahey as it is famous for it for a long time and provides you storage for all the stuff which you have and want to move.


Providing Safe and Secure Removals for Delahey VIC 3037 Suburb:

Singh Movers and Packers is a fully Melbourne removalists based company which offers you a really promising service which not only is affordable but is quite trusted as well as convenient at the same time. This service has been running and working on for a really long time with a lot of happy customers. It is one of the most in budget removalists Melbourne company which you can go for rather than any other kind of local service.

  • Really fast and rapid service

  • Piano removalists including the rest of the stuff to be transported.

  • Special care for everything in your belongings.

  • No hidden costs

  • 24 x 7 service.

  • All the heavy equipment would be transported easily.

  • Removal company Melbourne with packing service

  • Door to door service.

  • A fully insured company with a lot of satisfied customers.

  • No extra or hidden charges.


Delahey – A Suburb City of Melbourne

Delahey is a proper suburb of Melbourne, Victoria in Australia which is about 20 km north-west from Melbourne’s Central Business District. The postcode of Delahey in Melbourne is 3037 and the formal name of this suburb was adopted in 1994. This place is quite good serviced by public transport including a lot of local schools, shopping centres as well as healthcare providers.

Delahey Fast facts:

Postcode:  3,037

State:  Victoria

Country:  Australia

Population according to 2016 census:  8,339

Local government area:  City of Brimbank

State Electorate: Sydenham

Federal Division: Gorton

Distance from Delahey to Singh Movers Melbourne: 32.4 km or 33 minutes by car

Distance from Melbourne CBD to Delahey: 20km

Surrounding Suburbs around Delahey:

  • Sydenham

  • Taylors Lakes

  • Taylors Hill

  • Delahey

  • Keilor Downs

  • St Albans

  • Burnside

  • Kings Park

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Singh movers and packers always have been the best service as the removalists Delahey as this is a fully diverse company and the service always allows you to remove and relocate all the stuff that you want from your old place to a new one. Singh movers is a full-time Interstate Furniture Removalists Melbourne and have been such a service which you won’t regret choosing at all. We surely recommend you going to this service every time.

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  • Quality Furniture Removalists
  • Door to Door Charges Only
  • Reliable & Highly Experienced
  • No Damage History
  • Affordable Prices
  • No Callout Fees
  • Professional Removalists Team

Removal Tips
  • Defrost your refrigerator in time for moving day.
  • It�s useful to keep a notebook at hand to write down reminders.
  • Get in touch with utility companies to verify service start dates at your new home.

Packing & Labeling
  • Label boxes on all sides so you can see what it contains in a stack without having to move everything around.
  • Clearly mark boxes containing fragile goods.
  • Pack a suitcase with clothes and toiletries like you�re going on a trip for a few days.

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