Rush in a move? If so, then availing Removalists Thornbury is the best choice. It is because; we are leading Removal Company and afford all our quality services at affordable rates. When it comes to moving, there are so many factors to consider in mind, right? It is because; relocation is like a stressful work and tedious one.

So, it can’t be finished off without the help of the professionals. Of course, you can shift your home alone, but you will become very tired and also damage may occur for your possessions. In order to overcome such tackles, hiring a professional is the best choice.

When it comes to moving, most of the people are struggling to check out the existing home. So, they seek for the helping hand like friends and relatives. At the same time, it can’t be possible because they may damage your things accidentally. Moreover, if you are doing the move alone, sometimes fragile items may slip your hands and cause severe damage.

So, in order to avoid those accidents, hiring a professional is the best choice. So, make use of the internet and surf for the best furniture removalists. Our educated team has vast experience in the relevant field and helps you to move and pack all your household items in a precise manner.

Generally, moving from one place to another place is a daunting process. Of course, it could be the worst thing in your life, right? But, it can’t be so stressful and annoying thing, if you decided to hire the packers and movers.

Are you residing in Melbourne? Looking for the best Removal Company? 

If so, then Singh Movers is the best choice. Of course, there are so many Movers and Packers Melbourne is available, but we are the best in providing reliable moving services to the customers.

Removalists Thornbury

Why do you need professional movers?

When it comes to relocating, there is lots of planning and preparation is carried. Hiring the professional helps you to get reliable and strong support on your side. Are you thinking that hiring professional packers is costly? If so, then don’t worry. We are here always in order to ease your stress of the moving process. Just make use of the internet and finally, you will come up with the best Removalists in Melbourne.

We have a wide range of packers and movers. You can easily pick any of the services which perfectly suit your pocket. At the same time, our professional and experts give a full guarantee for the safety and smooth move. Of course, the relocation can be made for various reasons which are mentioned below.

  • Personal reasons

  • Professional reasons

  • Business relocation

  • Need more space

  • Change in the surroundings

  • Cost of the existing home

Furniture Removalists Thornbury

When compared to any of the Removal Company, we are the best and offer professional moving services to the clients as possible. Moreover, our Moving Services Melbourne never let you down at any cause. As a normal person, you may think of relocation in an ordinary manner.

But, we are not like that. We make use of professional services and use a different methodology in order to reduce your tension to a greater extent.

At the same time, our professionals take over any relocation process with a full smile in the face. That is why we are considered the best removalists. Check out our unbeatable moving services which are given below,

  • House Removals

  • Office Movers

  • Piano Movers

  • Pool Table Removals

  • Hard Rubbish Removalists

  • Unique Furniture Removalists

  • Furniture Assembly Service

  • Interstate Removals

Why we are the best option?

  • Speedy service:

In the busy schedule, most of the people are looking for the speedy option. If so, then we are here to deliver the household items to the new destination without any hassles. At the same time, our drivers know the short cut route and so you can reach your destination as soon as possible.

  • Use of modern techniques:

Without any tool and equipment, relocation can’t be finished, right? But, we are the one who is well versed in handling your goods in a different way. In order to make sure that your possessions are safe and secure, our professionals make use of modern art tools.

Without causing any damage to your goods, our experts safely transfer your items for transportation. At the same time, with the help of furniture movers Melbourne, you can effortlessly shift your heavyweight sensitive furniture.

  • Stress-free services:

Are you worrying that your possessions will reach your destination? If so, then keep away the thought. It is because; we are here to offer hassle-free services. Of course, without any damage to your stuff, our professional delivers to the new destination.

  • Saves money and time:

Do you know? Hiring professionals not only help you to reach the new destination but also helps you to save huge amounts of money. It is because; if you deciding to carry out the moving alone in the sense, you have to rent some packing materials, shifting equipment, transports and many more.

If you decide to hire the professional, then all the needed tools are carried by themselves. This makes to saves your time and money.

  • Additional Services:

Not only we offer reliable services but also pride to provide additional services like packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, transportation, insurance and many more. At the same time, our professional help you to unpack the materials.

  • Doorstep services:

When compared to any of the Moving Company Melbourne, we offer all our reliable services at every client’s doorsteps. Moreover, you will never get tired of our services. In fact, having a smile on our face and provide moving services. So, you no need to worry about our quality services.

  • Insurance coverage:

No other removal company affords insurance coverage. But, we offer insurance for your goods in case of any damage. This is another benefit of hiring our packers and movers.

  • Availing right equipment:

Of course, moving alone is fine. But, renting transport from your friends or relatives does not come with the right equipment, right? So, this is another benefit of hiring the professional packers and movers of Singh Movers.

  • Excellent customer service:

When it comes to hiring professional service, you have to do more research. If you are the one who is looking for the best removalists then make use of the internet and search for the best one. At last, you will come to know that we are the best and excellent option. Just have a look at the reviews and comments of the customer and then decide to choose the best.

  • Storage facilities:

Want to reach the destination afterwards than considered? If so, then make use of our storage facility option in order to store the goods to the maximum. At the same time, all your possessions are safely monitored under CCTV observation to keep the theft away.

  • Safe and insured:

Just hire us in order to ease your moving process. At the same time, experienced professional has the ability to safeguard the possessions to a greater extent.

Moreover, we insured for your personal belongings. In fact, with the help of our packing services, you can get your possessions safely and free from dirt and dust. With the help of our Removalists Melbourne, you can enjoy even tough move.

Avail The Piano Moving Services:

When it comes to piano moving, there are really a lot of things to keep in mind. Since it is a delicate instrument and so needs extra care. It is because; it is available with nearly more than thousands of moving parts. So, in order to move the piano to the new destination, then make use of Piano Movers Melbourne.

We and our professionals know how to handle and move the piano with great intention. At the same time, we always afford only experienced professional for your piano move. In order to reduce the risk, we use special tools to shift the piano to transport.

Thornbury- A Suburb City Of Melbourne:

Thornbury is an inner suburb of Melbourne which is located in the state of Victoria, Australia. In the distance of 7 km, this suburb is located to the north of Melbourne’s CBD. The local government area of this suburb is the City of Darebin. According to the 2016 census, There was 18,568 population of Thornbury. The land formation of Thornbury is like a sandwich and a high street in the centre of the city. It has numerous recycling centres and factories.

Thornbury fast facts:

Postcode:  3071

State:  Victoria

Country:  Australia

Surrounding Suburbs Around Thornbury:






Brunkswick east



Population according to 2016 census: 18,568

Local Government Area: ‎ City of Darebin

State Electorate: Northcote

Federal Division: Cooper

Distance From Thornbury To Singh Movers Melbourne: 34.2 km or 41 minutes by car

Distance From Thornbury To Melbourne CBD:  7 km

Relevant Links:,_Victoria


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  • Defrost your refrigerator in time for moving day.
  • It�s useful to keep a notebook at hand to write down reminders.
  • Get in touch with utility companies to verify service start dates at your new home.

Packing & Labeling
  • Label boxes on all sides so you can see what it contains in a stack without having to move everything around.
  • Clearly mark boxes containing fragile goods.
  • Pack a suitcase with clothes and toiletries like you�re going on a trip for a few days.

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