Removalists Watsonia North is the service provider who gives the best help of furniture moving. We provide our service as the customer's needs and requirements. We also make you feel happy and stress-free with our service. We provide professional service that is cost-effective and comfortable.

Moving house or office from the current location to the new location is a very stressful and difficult task. There are too many expensive and breakable items which need a lot of care and security while moving process. You need a lot of tools and a lot of task of disassembling and reassembling. Some people think taking the help of friends and family is more comfortable and affordable. But in big cities sometimes your family and friends are not available at the same time or same day. In that case, you need external help. If you are looking for furniture removalist Watsonia North then Singh movers and packers are the best options.

Singh movers and packers are the one-stop destinations of multiple moves. Moving here and there for searching the one who gives multiple services under one roof is difficult. Singh movers and packers are the ones who provide all the service packing, loading, rubbish cleaner, unloading, reassembling under one roof. We convert your tough time and task into the easiest and stress-free task.

We are available in your service day and night and even on weekends. For moving the heavy items you need the help of pool table removal which helps you in moving all the heavy items which is not a task of an individual or inexpert person. Heavy items include the billiard table, pool removal, piano removal and so on heavy and bulky items.

Packing and wrapping of some items and objects not only very difficult but its very stressful task sometimes. Some items are so hard to pack that you must be irritated. To solve this major problem our experts and professional team is here to help you. Our movers and packers team help you in packing, wrapping and loading, unloading facility.

While loading and unloading of the goods you need the help of experts in which they have perfect knowledge about how to move the goods safely and securely.  Two men and a Van are provided to move your objects from one place to the other one. They are expertly handling all the conditions of delivering or moving of goods. They also know how to deliver safely easily breakable items.

If you are searching for small removalist Melbourne then you are suffering on the correct website. We provide the service of small removal where it is for house relocation or office relocation. You can avail this service in less time as well as for affordable prices.

Removalists Watsonia North

Our services:-

  • House relocation
  • Office relocation
  • Furniture assembling
  • Packing service
  • Piano moving
  • Billiard table moving
  • Interstate moving


How Furniture Removalist Watsonia North plan your move?

Furniture removalist watsonia north plays an important role in making your move easy and safe. They will plan your service in the following way:

  • Firstly you need to contact our service provider to avail the service of removal. Contact us and build a relation between ours and yours.

  • Then we take an eye view on your location where you are situated in the current location and your new location. We also take a view on the route which is smooth and quick for the removal process.

  • Our packers and movers of Melbourne then take the notes on the moving process out of which the best route and plan is selected.

  • After selecting the best route we will discuss it with our clients and if they want any changes or additions then it will be done as per Clients need.

  • After planning all these things we plan which employee or expert or professional will be appointed where.

  • The drivers are expert as best delivery in Melbourne. They can handle all the situations of removal and keep your items safe and secure from any kind of damage, wear, tear and any other loss.

  • If any storage facility is needed for a long-distance move then Singh Movers and packers provide storage facility to you. We store your goods and other items under CCTV surveillance.

  • After reaching the new location our professionals unload the goods and services. We not only deliver or unload the goods but also helps you in unpack and rearrange the goods. Our expert team also helps you in arranging task.

  • After rearranging we also provide rubbish removal service. As cleanliness is the key of success we provide cleanliness service to the customers after the removal.

Services of Furniture Removalist Watsonia North

  • Movers and packers provide each and every convenient service which you want in your removal process. While doing office relocation we also help in disconnecting and reconnecting your computer network and also connect the wireless network so that you can back to your work before delaying.

  • Our professional removalists service will feel you relax and peace of mind so that you can comfortably start living and enjoy the residence of your new house or office.

  • If you are planning to move interstate then our interstate removalists Melbourne service is best. Moving from Melbourne to Sydney, Brisbane, Vermont or any other place within Australia you can avail and enjoy our service.

  • Ours is the best house relocation Melbourne who provide you with the service of relocating anywhere within the Australia where interstate or locally.

  • During house relocation our team of experts helps you in packing, wrapping, loading, dismantle and reassemble service. As we clearly know many breakable and damageable items are in your house which is packed separately. Items like a mirror, glass decors, crockery etc. need a lot of care while moving process which we keep in mind.

  • For foreign students, we provide this service into their budget. As we are well known for budget removalist Melbourne. Due to any reason students need to shift or change the location of their house then they not only move individually but they also have to move furniture and other items. We provide our service within the budget to the students and give them some discount as per company policy.

  • We also provide moving protection to our clients. We ensure your products or goods or items under the best insurance provider. You can take photos and videos while packing and unpacking and also arranging. It will help you in getting compensation in case of any damage or breakage.

  • Professional movers and packers come to you with a proper toolkit which includes packing, wrapping, loading, dismantle and assembling material. Packers come with proper packing boxes, bubble wrap, butcher paper, tapes, studs and many more.

For our loyal and regular customers we provide some special services which are:

  • No Door to Door Charges:
    Our loyal customers are also our public relation partners.
     So they no need to pay any door to door charges.

  • No Fuel Charges:
    Our loyal and regular customers need not 
    pay any fuel charges. Delivery service is also very convenient and smooth for them.

  • Professional Advice:
    If clients need any suggestions and advice for the removal process or any route or storage then we also provide them free of cost.

  • No Hidden Charges:
    Our employees do not
     demand any other charges from the customers. As all the charges of packing loading etc. are already included in the contract which we discuss you while dealing.

Why should you choose Furniture Removalist Watsonia North?

As you know we are the friendly moving removalist who provide all the services in a friendly nature. While choosing us you can look into our certain points that are:

  • Our team of experts is professional and they have full knowledge of moving here and there.

  • We provide the latest technology and fully equipped material for our employees so that they can do their work easily and with good extend.

  • A proper medical check-up is doing while appointing the employees because a lot of muscular work is needed for this type of job. A proper drug test is conducted of the drivers so that you must ensure your furniture is in safe hands.

  • While piano removalists equipment like trolley, droller, hooks and the required number of men are provided. The number of men can be increase or decreases per the situation of removal.

  • The sizes of trucks or van are varied as per the size and number and weight of the furniture. The truck size is available as per tone i.e. 3-4.5 tonne, 4-6tonne, 10-12 tonne, 12-14 tonne, 14-16 tonne.

  • During your busy schedule you may not have time in the weekdays then we are also available for you on the weekends. We provide our service 24×7 hours a day and night and even on weekends.

  • Our main aim is to provide you with the best removal service and make you feel happy and stress-free. Because the customer is king for us if the customer is satisfied then we are also satisfied and happy to stay in the market.

  • We provide regular information about your goods because you also need to know what is happening with your goods while moving and where it reached.

  • We keep your items safe and secure in the store. As it is under CCTV surveillance and regular check on the goods wear, tear and damage are conducted. We also take measures to keep your goods safe and secure.

  • While insurance we also take a proper check on your goods so that we must ensure that no wear tear or damage is before.

  • A feedback form is filled by you after getting the service as you satisfy with our service or want to give any suggestions.

Watsonia North – A Suburb City of Melbourne

Watsonia North is a suburb of Victoria, Melbourne, which is situated in Australia. Its name is held after the name of William Watson. It is 17 km away from northeast Melbourne. It is the central business district of Melbourne and the city of Banyule is its local government area. During world war II, watsonia military camp existed here and then for emergency housing, this is handed over to the state housing commission.

Watsonia North Fast Facts

Postal Code: 3087

State:  Victoria

Country:  Australia

Surrounding Suburbs Around Watsonia North

  • Bundoora
  • Greensborough
  • Watsonia

Population According To 2016 Census: 3,814

Local Government Area: ‎ City of Banyule

State Electorate: Bundoora

Federal Division: Jagajaga

Distance From Watsonia North To Singh Movers Melbourne: 25.3 km or 39 minutes by car

Distance From Watsonia North To Melbourne CBD:  17 km

Relevant Links:,_Victoria


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Removal Tips
  • Defrost your refrigerator in time for moving day.
  • It�s useful to keep a notebook at hand to write down reminders.
  • Get in touch with utility companies to verify service start dates at your new home.

Packing & Labeling
  • Label boxes on all sides so you can see what it contains in a stack without having to move everything around.
  • Clearly mark boxes containing fragile goods.
  • Pack a suitcase with clothes and toiletries like you�re going on a trip for a few days.

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